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777 Decker Lane, Creve Coeur, Missouri 63141
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Amber Garrison, Internet, Plaza Lexus

Amber Garrison

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June 11, 2017

"Question The Integrity of This Place"

- SW

Worst dealership experience ever. Always an attempt to money grab and sell services I did not need. Car was towed to Plaza on a Saturday by AAA I had two flat tires. Service rep Joe called me Monday and asked what was wrong with my vehicle. I told him I just needed two tires as mine were flat. He then said the car wouldn't start. Shocked, my first thought was maybe he had the wrong vehicle considering there were two other white ES350s on the lot. He said its probably the battery he will check it out and call me back. He called back stating they fixed the tires(covered by r/h warranty + no disposal fee)every thing was fine except I needed a wheel alignment. I then asked why did the car not start? Joe stated "it was the battery, its was dead, couldn't be charged" and I need a new one. I haven't had any problems with the battery prior. Joe stated "oh you probably left the hazard lights on". That was incorrect, as I was at a well lit gas station. Not to mention I went Sunday to retrieve some items out of the car,used my key fob to get in and every thing was fine, lights also came on in the vehicle. Joe stated it could have just died with out warning and they test the battery each time someone has service. I was just there less than two months ago for a wheel alignment and nothing was mention about the battery ($109 for the battery and $40 to put it in + $2.00 for battery disposal then another $23.00 for waste disposal). Yet every other service I "needed" to get now or soon was on there. I was told that they could NOT completely do the when alignment because something was bent and was preventing it, yet they still charged me $119 for an alignment they couldn't do or didn't do because the wheel pulled as I drove home. Prior to leaving a mechanic checked to see why they could not to the alignment and he stated the strut is bent and he would start there. So he really didn't know why the wheel alignment failed but I should pay the $550 for a strut to "see" if that helps. This place can be the worst, Plaza BMW has the same shady tactics. It was more to this , but it was to much to write. Before I left my son noticed my driver side air vent latch was broken and just placed back on. I did report it and they are suppose to order me a new piece. This is not the first time something in my vehicle was damaged while in Plazas care, I never complained or reported it however. I will never trust Plaza, nor will I ever buy another vehicle from them. Dealerrater should really allow ZERO stars, that would have been their grade. I will be honest service isn't always this bad, but when it is, its BAD. ***Update *** as of 6/11/17 I have yet to recieve a call about the vent part that was ordered for my car. I had called to get a copy of the battery test they did to determine that my battery was dead as it was not with my other paperwork. First Joe stated he didnt have it, that it was with my other paper work. I told him it was not and that I had left it on the desk of the person who assisted me when I picked up my car. Joe he would email me a copy. He did, but the only problem was that it was NOT the same reading on MY battery the day prior. I remembered the first two numbers and this copy had new numbers, which leads me to believe I was duped. I will be contacting the BBB.

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Employees Worked With

Joe Miller

February 22, 2017

"Mungenast service much better"

- Okla Transplant

Bought a 2010 RX from Plaza. First and second service was unorganized at best. Loaner car wouldn't start. No one called when done. When I called late in the day the Service guy was annoyed. Similar un Lexus like service with my LS. Moved to Mungenast and the service has been great. More like what I received in Tulsa. Bought a 2015 RX from Mungenast and both the purchase process and the Service has been great. Don't waste your time at Plaza.

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January 05, 2017

"Routine service "

- MRX350

Brought our 2015 RX 350 in for routine maintenance, Joe Edwards, service rep, met me in the waiting area with all paperwork ready to go. Told me a time of 1 to 1-1/2 ours. About 1/2 hour later returned with news of a problem found. He fully explained the problem, told what it would take to fix it and how long it would take. He then arranged for a loaner and was on my way. Joe was professional but also very personable. When work took longer than expected he called to let me know. Full disclosure this work was all under warranty. When I picked I returned my car Fred greeted me. He got me settled and offered to get me coffee or something else to drink. What a nice gesture. Super customer service.

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Employees Worked With

Joe Edwards and Fred the gentleman that brings the cars in the service area.

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