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1 Review of Steve's Hometown Motors

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November 17, 2017

"dealership scam and horrible customer service "

- laura H

I Purchased a Ford 150 from Steve’s Hometown Motors. The dealer ran a credit report and advised I qualify for financing. The Finance Mgr wrote up a contract between Chase Bank and me. He also included a document that advised I would return the truck if the financing fell through. (The section with the date “within” a specific number of days appears to be blank. I was told this was a formality until Chase processes the loan over the next couple days. 6 weeks later, I went to the DMV to get the registration in my name and the dmv had not received the title as of yet, I had to call down to hometown to get the title. The girl at the front desk proceeded to tell me that she was sorry but had to look for my title since the finance guy got fired, the title girl quit, and the manager quit. She called me back an hour later and told me my title was at the dmv and I could go register my truck now. I then registered the truck in my name. A couple hours later a finance girl called me and told me that the loan had fallen through and I had to bring the truck back due to debt to income ratio, she asked me to email her a copy of my pay stubs and some references, which I did. They then got the GM Dave on the phone and he told me that he was going to figure something out. I then got some advice to go talk to the manager directly at chase bank so I went to Chase Bank and the manager told me that they had requested more information from the dealer back when we first applied but they never heard back from them with the information and eventually just closed the application. They also told me that the dealer had my credit checked 6 times fishing for a loan, dropping my score from a 620 to a 589. I called the gm to ask if he had figured anything out and he said no and told me to bring the truck back, I said I would the next day and he asked me" you promise your going to bring the truck in" pretty much making me feel like I was stealing a truck I clearly thought I owned. I went back to the dealer with my boyfriend to try and work out a way to keep the truck, they did have my trade in car listed for sale (which they told me was upside down but were selling for around $3000 more than what I owed) When I came in the GM was there demanding my truck returned. I asked for help in keeping it and told him my boyfriend drove me there to work this out. He got very angry and called me a thief, used the “F” word frequently, kept telling me he was going to call the cops and to get out of his xxxxx office! and honestly just totally lost it. While yelling at me he said the that I couldn’t afford the truck and that the finance guy had lied and put that I made 1500 more on my credit report to qualify you! Well, that was the first I heard of this (and I haven’t seen that loan application since they do it all online) but probably why Chase wanted more information and they didn’t reply. I was in tears and my boyfriend who was quiet until the cursing started, told the GM he would take him outside and settle it, but he won’t because he wants to work this out. Then the GM told someone to call the police because he was being threatened… The police came and were very nice to us, stayed and talked a few minutes then left. Mind you they never told the police about me "stealing" their truck like they said they were going to. I was so stressed, in tears, and the manager told a salesman to follow us back to Ontario Oregon and get the truck. He also stated he would reimburse us for replacing cracked windshield, tinting, and DMV costs. He said come back in the next day with receipts and he would write a check. The next day I went back with my Dad to give them the receipts and pick up the check. I was told they weren’t going to pay for the windshield and that they had to check on the window tinting to make sure it was legal tint, which they didn’t mention when they said they would pay me back. I told them that you cant get a window tinted if it had a crack in it so I had to replace the window (their was a crack when I bought it as is) and that the receipt has the tint on it and it is clearly legal. at that point we told them we were leaving and would take other steps to resolve this. Right away they said wait, the Finance manager asked the GM to text “Steve” (the owner) the GM then said they would cover the full amount but they couldn’t get us a check until late Monday or Tuesday AM. All I wanted was to keep the truck I fell in love with, willing to pay the high 9% interest, but find it wrong that they changed my income to gain approval, wrote up a financial agreement with Chase who hadn’t approved the loan, (maybe that’s the practice) ran my credit 6 times impacting a credit score which I have hired someone earlier this year to help me repair, mislead me about the value of my trade-in, and finally openly swearing and trying to intimidate us to return the truck. Two different employees apologized to us for the GM’s behavior, one salesman said the old finance manager was fired for not processing the loans and had a more than just mine that were sitting on his desk. I did contact the owner of the companys Steve's customer care lady and she or steve would call me back, I have not hear anything from them.

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