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Superior Honda

Cincinnati, OH

675 Lifetime Reviews Review Dealership
If you're shopping for a new Honda, Superior Honda in Cincinnati offers the full line of Honda models. Find the new Honda of your dreams with the help of one of our friendly sales associates. Our sales team at Superior Honda is committed to helping you make an informed purchase on your next New or Used vehicle. We're here to get you into the car, truck, or SUV that's right for you, your family, and your lifestyle

4777 Spring Grove Avenue

Cincinnati, OH



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Christopher Bomar at Superior Honda

Christopher Bomar

Sales Consultant
Rick Friedman at Superior Honda

Rick Friedman

Finance Manager
Steve Kaplan at Superior Honda

Steve Kaplan

Sales and Leasing Consultant
Hank Osborn at Superior Honda

Hank Osborn

Sales and Leasing Consultant
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Latest Reviews

October 16, 2020


- Avoid this dealership

****PLEASE READ BEFORE BUYING A CAR FROM SUPERIOR HONDA**** I can’t remember the last time I actually took the time to write a review of any business online. The level of customer service from this dealership was absolutely unacceptable. I have to do my due diligence of letting other customers know what to expect, especially if they are dropping thousands of dollars on a car. If you do not read the entire review at least read the summary paragraph beneath this one. Summary: If you can avoid buying something from Superior Honda, DO IT! If you live far away and it would be out of your way to travel to this dealership DO NOT BUY THE CAR. They will ignore you and you would be stuck not being able to show up in person. If this is your only option DO NOT WORK WITH JOE REED OR KEVIN PETERS. I cannot stress this enough. After they collected my checks, they eventually got to a point where they completely stopped responding to me and cut off communications when I expressed concerns about the car. No matter how “nice” a car salesman seems, always remember their whole purpose IS TO GET AS MUCH OUT OF YOU AS THEY POSSIBLY CAN. Nothing they ever do is for YOU, it is purely for THEIR benefit. When you google least trusted profession, car salesman is ALWAYS at the top 2 or 3 of that list for a reason. They have continuously earned themselves that reputation. Joe and Kevin 100% lived up to this reputation. I HIGHLY recommend you read this and use it as learning lesson for how Superior Honda operates as a business and how they treat their customers so you can go in fully prepared. Check the low rated reviews because they are accurate. The issues were very similar to the ones I had. One reviewer even said they would not be surprised if Superior Honda wrote the 5 stars reviews themselves. Honestly, considering the level of dishonesty associated with this dealership, I would not put it past them either. Never disregard low rated reviews because they have good ones because car salesman will intentionally screw you over and sleep well at night. At the end of the day **YOU** are dropping hard earned money on this car NOT them, no matter how “nice” they seem always keep your guard up and be vigilant. DO NOT put any ounce of trust in this dealership. Verify everything with your tech and eyes. If they write any thing specific like “we did promise x, y z” on any document, that is great indicator as to what to specifically check for. It’s a great indicator of things could potentially be wrong with the car. I selected Superior Honda and decided to move forward with the purchase because I thought it was going to be a positive experience. I lived far away so the salesmen (Kevin Peters) offered to meet me halfway. I was blown away and thought wow...this is amazing. Little did I know this would go downhill. Issue #1: When I arrived, the mileage on the car was approximately 2000 more than what was posted online. Their Experian check mileage was also incorrect. I was actually VERY upset about this because when you buy a car, the mileage plays a huge role in the price. Considering that they me met me halfway when they did not have to, I let it go. LESSON: If you are dealing with Superior Honda, ask for a picture of the mileage and DO NOT rely on their word of mouth. Never trust and always verify when it comes to this dealership. The Experian check isn't always correct or up to date. Pay the extra money and get a car fax report. Issue #2: I found a huge scratch on the bottom of my car. I asked Joe and Kevin if there were any scratches I needed to be made aware of, they said no which was a bold face LIE. The car was driven on the highway so it was hard to see the scratch because it had splattered bugs on it. I asked them because it was a CPO car and I thought at the very least they would be truthful but that was not the case. I tried to talk to Joe and Kevin to resolve the issue but long story short they BOTH ended just ignoring my calls and text messages after a few responses. Joe even went as far as blocking my number because the phone didn’t even ring anymore. I asked about the car return policy (my fault for not asking BEFORE I got the car) and Kevin said he wasn’t sure….like how are a salesman and you don’t know something as basic as the return policy? This just shows it was another bold face lie. At this point. I have lost trust in this dealership and I started to do more digging and gather documentation. They tried to cover their tracks, but they did a poor job of it. Everything they did was with malicious intent at this point. Issue #3: After I dug around, I noticed inconsistencies with the number of owners. It looks they did not update the system AFTER they realized I was on to their tactics. One website listed 2 owners and another listed one owner. I saved a copy of the Experian check that lists two owners and now they called Experian to cover their tracks to say that it list’s one owner. When I asked Kevin about the incorrect mileage on the car he literally said they use it as a “demo car” and they give it people/salesman so they can drive it. That right there means TWO owners not ONE owner regardless of what they say on paper. I talked to Experian and they said the dealer originally put 2 as an error which is a lie. They are just trying to cover their tracks. So they had it as one owner, changed it to the correct amount (2) when they realized I caught them with misinformation, then changed it back to 1 when I let them know they lied about the number of owners because I wanted a one owner car. Issue #4: Still to this day Kevin nor Joe has reached out to me. I talked to the Sales manager Carl. He was just as problematic as the people that worked for him. His first lie was that he has not heard anything about my situation from Kevin and Joe. Considering the timeline, this was not the truth. Then when I told him about how I was treated he proceed to rebuttal with “you got a good deal” and “they met you halfway”. First of all, be happy that I drove halfway because how do you think I feel if I drove the actual 4 hours one way just to find out you lied about the car? This car was not some “good deal” it was simply of a result supply and demand due to covid. PLENTY of dealerships have “good deals” going on now to get cars off the lot. Carl offered to pay $200 to fix my car or I take a day off work and spend 8 hours on the road for them to fix my car. Both of which are xxxxty considering they were the ones at fault. He flat out knew that paint jobs were expensive and $200 wasn’t gonna cut it and 8 hours on the road is actually ridiculous because that’s gas I would pay for and mileage on my car. Issue #4: This is the most bizarre part. I saved a copy of the link where the car was posted online. I guess they wanted to throw me off so they literally changed the background to a Hyundai Dealership logo, changed the mileage to the incorrect number, but still kept the same VIN which is unique to MY car. Another failed attempt to cover their tracks. I have documentation of the before and after when they modified their listing. If you go to another Superior Honda Listing you literally see the same reviews and rating proving that it was still them. To Kevin and Joe, it would be laughable and ridiculous if you actually responded to this review and considering you ignored by phones calls and messages.

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Employees Worked With

Other Employees : Kevin Peters

September 27, 2020

"Looking to talk to Liz Forte. Instead of just telling me..."

- dg9810

Looking to talk to Liz Forte. Instead of just telling me she no longer works there they played dumb or they thought I was dumb. I would not recommend Superior. I would go somewhere else. JUST BE HONEST!

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Employees Worked With

Other Employees : Jerell Allen, Eliot Erickson, Liz Forte, Jelisa Hummons, Rick Moulden, Mac Nazir

August 17, 2020

"Easy and Quick"

- bearcatprof10

Did a great job and handled the situation with my mom. We felt like we were buying a car from someone we had known for years. Has went over and above what we could have expected, love our new Pilot.

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Dealership Inventory (404 Vehicles)

new 2020 Honda HR-V car, priced at $23,440

2020 Honda HR-V


new 2020 Honda Fit car, priced at $20,015

2020 Honda Fit


new 2020 Honda Civic car, priced at $22,017

2020 Honda Civic


new 2020 Honda Fit car, priced at $17,945

2020 Honda Fit


new 2020 Honda Fit car, priced at $17,945

2020 Honda Fit


new 2020 Honda Accord car, priced at $27,170

2020 Honda Accord


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