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Karen Morris
"Laura Kaleas is the best! This is the second vehicle we have purchased from her. We were short on time so, she sped up the process. It went quickly and smoothly plus she managed to get the car washed and detailed, too. The car is great, Laura is great, and we will definitely be back for our 3rd and 4th cars. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a car and superior service.. Karen Hardrath in finance was a pleasure to deal with as well. She was knowledgeable and helpful. I would definitely want her help on our next visit."
cals waffles
"I dropped my 2010 Isuzu NRR truck off because It was having power issues and the regen system did not seem to be working right. Even though I did not have a appointment they were able to get it in fairly soon after I dropped it off. Jim the mechanic was able to diagnose the issue and came back with the parts and labor to fix in a professional manor. The problem was well explained to me and the estimate for both labor and time were exact to what Derick and Jim told me it would be. The truck was fixed in the time they said it would be and the price was exactly what was estimated it would be. Jim the mechanic very personable and good to work with. Derick the service writer did a great job of keeping me informed and getting questions I had answered. I would take my truck back to them I would also recommend there service. "