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5 days ago
"Steve Hanke was very supportive of me when I bought my 2014 Cadillac and traded my 2011 caddie. After going through a recent divorce I was treated with respect and concern while picking out my newer Cadillac. He was there through the whole transaction and anytime I'm in the dealership he takes the time to see how I'm doing and how he can help me. Would highly recommend him to my friends. Blessings, Alice"
Matthew Frame
"The Mercedes Benz Dealership I was at October 21st I had just bought the 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I was Very happy that the sales women we had was so nice and helpful [Dee Wolfe] was a very energetic woman she would do anything to help us, [Mitch Litam] would be the one that helped did all side work that was very appreciated. [Bill Schwark] was a backup that we would need just in case. [Jesse lee] was a big help when we needed something. They all are hard working and Helpful we are very thankful that they were there when we needed assistance. [Dee Wolfe] did most of the work she is a hard working woman."