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Ariella Brant
Ariella Brant, Delivery Coordinator, Heritage Volkswagen Owings Mills
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Ariella Brant

Delivery Coordinator

Heritage Volkswagen Owings Mills

9808 Reisterstown Road, Suite 2
Owings Mills, MD 21117

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1 Review of Ariella Brant

June 04, 2018

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"A dealership like no other"

- dmoskowitz

This is a long review, because my experience (maybe relationship is a better word) with this dealership grew and grew as my buying process became way longer than expected. If you don't want to read the entire thing, here's the Spark Notes: • This dealership will make you feel like family • This is the most honest dealership I've ever dealt with (and I've dealt with quite a few in various states). • This dealership genuinely cares about getting you what you want, even if that means more work for them, and potentially less profit. I was in the market for a compact SUV (CR-V, Forester, Rav-4, Tiguan, etc.). I go to school in New York so that gave me the opportunity to shop around both in Baltimore and in NY for the best price. This said, I cannot count the number of different dealerships I visited during this car hunt, and Heritage Owings Mills is by far the best dealership. The Tiguan (which I highly recommend) was the first car I test drove, and this dealership was the first one I visited. It was love at first sight, and I really could not contain my excitement. Some dealerships would have probably have used that to suck me into a bad deal, but it was quite the opposite here. Instead, they walked through my various options for trim levels, and encouraged me to sleep on it and not rush into anything. The salesman I worked with initially (Allen) told me that he's not one of those salesman that believes in nagging you to buy a car. I sort of brushed it off because we all know that car dealers have a certain reputation about them. Much to my surprise, however, he was true to his word, and that was the style that everyone at the dealership takes on. They make sure you know that they're there to help, but not nagging you. Here's where things get even better: the honesty of the salesmen and women at this dealership is unheard of in this industry. They didn't have the car that I wanted on their lot, and it's nearly impossible to track one down, but they worked endlessly to try to make a trade. Of course no one wanted to trade their precious gem, but Natt (the sales manager) continued to work. At the end of May they told me that they had the vehicle I wanted in the pipeline, but that it would not arrive until July 5. Allen, Natt, and I had discussed a price in passing a week or so prior, but now it was time to agree on the price. Much to my surprise, when they brought out the first set of paperwork, that was exactly the price they quoted me for (a very very good price too). When we discovered I was not eligible for one of the rebates that we initially thought I would be, they took the $500 rebate out of the paperwork, but didn't add a penny to my price. At that point, there were a few vehicles within 200 miles that I could have gone and purchased that day, but I felt that this dealership genuinely deserved my business because they had been so helpful in the buying process. I put a $1000 deposit on the vehicle, and the wait began. I thought the vehicle I was driving at the time would hold out until July, but it soon became clear that that was not the case. I went to Natt and explained the situation. With me sitting right in front of him, he called multiple dealerships in an attempt to make a trade, but we came up with nothing. I told him that another dealership about 40 minutes away had a vehicle, but it had an extra $1500 package on it. After it was clear that they wouldn't give up that vehicle, Natt looked at me and said something along the lines of "I want to see you get your car. We've already made a friendship. Go buy the car from them--we'll be able to sell the one coming July 5th no problem." At that point, I had two questions: 1. What did he think the value of that "$1500" package was, and 2. Could I get the deposit back? He told me that the resale value of the package would be at least 25% of its original value. At that point, I knew he was honest given what he'd just told me. Natt also told me that it would be no problem to give me my deposit back. Armed with his information, I was able to negotiate a great deal on the car from the other dealership. At that point I was incredibly excited about the new car, but felt bad because I genuinely wanted to give Heritage Owings Mills my business. Natt again assured me that all that matters is that I got my car, and that I'm happy. I will absolutely bring my new Tiggy here for service, and I look forward to working with them in the future. If you need guidance in your car buying process, know that what these folks say is honest and informed. I cannot recommend them enough!!!

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Jun 15, 2018

Heritage Volkswagen Owings Mills responded

Hello, we strive for 100% satisfaction, and it is great to see you had such a positive experience at Heritage Volkswagen Owings Mills. Please don't hesitate to reach out if there's anything additional we can do for you.

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