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Gloria Lindsey
Gloria Lindsey, Warranty Administrator, INFINITI of Peoria
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Gloria Lindsey

Warranty Administrator

INFINITI of Peoria

9167 W Bell Rd
Peoria, AZ 85382

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1 Review of Gloria Lindsey

September 10, 2018

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"Service "

- Rusklock1

Sales and management have been great. But the service department is one of the worst I have ever delt with anywhere this location and the one in Peoria. I was driving from surprise to this location for about a year because I had the warranty were I had to go to that location until I called and had that fixed. We will start with Gina she is not personal and very cold. We have complained and spoke on the phone many times about the fabric piller in the car was coming off from where they placed the clips as if they re used the same clips from the old piller after replacing fabric. Gina and myself spoke on the phone months ago about this. I told her it’s to far to come to Scottsdale just to look at it like before then make another appt to service the issue. She never said oh you can’t go to Peoria to do this since it’s out workmanship. She not only had voicemails about this from me but we spoke on the phone for a long time about this. I went to Peoria for an oil change months ago and was told by them they could not do this as it’s workmanship from other location. After finally getting a car to borrow so my husband could take the care to Scottsdale and I could still work. Gina went on about how I was over the miles of the warranty on that even though it was talked about months ago before that exspited and never did she even say I had a time frame to get this done. I paid for exstended warranty for things like this that are not ware and tear. She did her then to fix this under the warranty. But this is one issue. I had taken my car many times for oil changes and even when this was fixed the first time and told them my car shakes when shifting gears and was told it’s normal by Peoria and all of them do this. And the Scottsdale location that nothing was wrong. My husband finally put his foot down this week and they looked and he drove with a tech and the tech felt it and said yea I don’t think that’s normal. We get an email with things needed fixed and that was found to be an issue they would fix under warranty. So for a year I drove this car with a huge issue and no one helped me. We were told by Gina oh we don’t show anyone ever saying anything about this. I told her personally about this. Story gets worse. Husband picks up car on sat and did not walk to the back of the car as he walked to the front and drove away. We get home to see our business logo on back window is messed up after they cleaned it at the dealership. We were never asked if they could clean our car. My husband just called to tell Gina as service is closed sundays. And she tells him oh I don’t think our car wash could do that. Are you kidding me. That was not like that when we took the car in. And when you do your walk through before taking our car in did you note this like you would a delt so you don’t get blamed as a dealership. Nope not written or noticed by her at all. So then how is it our fault as the customer it was not there before we took our car in. We are now waiting for a response from her. And well if they do need us to take the car in. Who is the one paying us for the gas that takes us an hour each way to get to them. Really come on tell me how this is all fair all the issues. Most issues with Scottsdale but Peoria also was a huge issue. They told me my car was good to go after an oil change and same time told the guy about the issue with car shaking. He said it’s normal too and that nothing was wrong. Then said car was good to go. I then get a call from something asking if I was going to do the service needed and the brakes needed to be done in the front. I found this out at the next oil change from Chevy in surprise. I ended up having a friend replace them. But then I went to get another oil change in Peoria and was told back brakes needed to be done ASAP. I said ok let me wait a little. Then Ny husband takes it in this last week to Scottsdale for the work that needed to be done. And was told again brakes needed to be done in back. So Sunday my friend fixed those and we found out we still had like 6 months on them.

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