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Stephanie Jacobs
Stephanie Jacobs at Camelback Hyundai Kia
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Stephanie Jacobs

Internet Director

Camelback Hyundai Kia

1500 E Camelback Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85014

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Industry Experience

5 yrs, 6 mos


1 Review of Stephanie Jacobs

January 10, 2019

Dealership Rating
Employee Rating

"Unprofessional and unorganized "

- Carrillo

I purchased a car about a month ago from this dealership and from the get go I should have never done business with this dealership due to the rudeness of the sales manager Mike. He was disrespectful when it came down to what I would qualify for because I am younger and “would be lucky to have a 700 credit score” . He was insulting with the way he spoke to my spouse, but we needed a car out of desperation. My first of issues I had with this dealership besides the customer service, was after we purchased the car. They took the car to clean it and when it was brought back with a chip in the windshield. I noticed the crack not even 2 minutes after leaving the lot and called my sales associate Zach who told me they would fix it in the morning no worries. When I called in the morning to follow up Zach informed me the sales manager Mike told him, “they would not be fixing it because it was not in the line of site and that is why they had me get insurance”. I immediately told him I would be being the car back if they wouldn’t fix the chip I was not going to pay 250 to have a window chip fixed after spending over 16000 on a car. They informed me that AZ does not have to buyers remorse law here and that I was stuck with the car. I then asked to speak to the Genreal manager Joe. At this point Tera Canning, the reputation manager stepped in to the issue helped me out and got the window sheild replaced, but then completely fell off when I asked to talk to the general manager joe, about the awful experience. She stated he does not speak to customers because he is too busy and she is not allowed to give out any information to contact him. Then 3 weeks later I receive a letter in the mail from Bank of America saying that my loan application was denyed because my social security number was wrong on the application and rather than verifying it when Bank of America reached out to them. The dealership just sent the corrected application to another bank for approval. Causing another hard look into my credit. When I tried to reach Tera about this for a week she ignored the calls and emails. When I spoke to the sales manager Mike he told me it was his job “to sale a car that’s what he did, and if I have any other complaints to tell it to someone else’s that cares.” To some up this complaint they are a crooks from the top of the company with Joe the general manager to Tera the reputation manager, Mike the sales manager. Stay away from the dealership and all the ones associated to this company and GM in the

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Other Employees Tagged: Joe Esposito, Teara Canning, Zach Griffin , Mike sales manager of Camelback Kia

Jan 23, 2019

Camelback Hyundai Kia responded

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on your experience at Camelback Kia. I sincerely apologize for the level of service you received. I realize we are not perfect, and feedback like you have provided is one of the only ways we can improve. If you would like to continue our previous conversation, please contact me at your convenience at the email below. Stephanie Jacobs Reputation Manager Camelback Kia

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new 2021 Hyundai Tucson car, priced at $22,325

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new 2021 Hyundai Tucson car, priced at $22,325

2021 Hyundai Tucson


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