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Steve Scheunemann
Steve Scheunemann, Internet Sales Manager, DCH Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat of Temecula
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Steve Scheunemann

Internet Sales Manager

DCH Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat of Temecula

26845 Ynez Road
Temecula, CA 92591

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1 Review of Steve Scheunemann

May 31, 2017

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"Masters of Manipulation"

- Kevin

I called in to CDH to inquire about a Ram Promaster they had listed online. Steve "scuba" Scheunemann told me it was available and I scheduled a time to come in the following morning. 10 minutes before I arrived he called to let me know that there was a mistake, and the vehicle was "In transit" from the factory. I told him that was okay, and I knew what the vehicle entailed and was wanting to talk numbers. I came in and we negotiated a price of 27k on a vehicle with an MSRP of 36k by providing other competitors deals, just as we were about to get the price in writing he came from his Manager who said there was a mistake and the van was pre-bought from the factory and is unavailable. He told me there was a similar van at a nearby dealership that he could trade for and sell it to me. As we crunched numbers, I brought up concerns about missing features I was interest in and was not willing to spend a large sum of money on a vehicle I wasn't happy with. He told me he would follow up with his parts team on an exact price to get that done the follow day because they had the day off. The next day he called to tell me that the price for adding those features was unfeasible, and I reluctantly still met with him to try to get a good price on the van without those added features. After I drove an hour back to the dealership, he told me that the price of 27k Steve had given me yesterday was a mistake and the manager "accidentaly "doubled up on rebates" and the new price was 29k for a 35k van (before taxes) which was more expensive for less of a vehicle than we had negotiated yesterday 27k for 36k) Steve Scheunemann tried to go back on his word saying that the price we agreed on was for the most recent van, but I was writing everything he was saying down as we were negotiating for the two days in the dealership. I told him about a TrueCar quote i recieved from a dealership which honored 4k off for being a "USAA Certified Dealer" and me being a USAA member, DCH would only honor me a $350 discount for being a USAA member. He showed the sales manager and the sales manager would not honor that deal although they claim they are a "USAA Certified Dealer". At which point I realized I was being swindled. A few key summarizing points to this review. 1. Steve got me in the door and talking money with a vehicle that wasn't even available that they had advertised online. 2. Steve gave me a price that was impossible to walk away from. 3. Steve reeled me in by thinking I could get an even better deal by getting me a vehicle that had even lower MSRP. 4. Steve meticulously made all the deals start to fall through the cracks as if it wasn't hit fault. 5. I walked out realizing I was being swindled into a bad deal. 6. Two days since the discovery of the "already sold vehicle" and it is still listed online. I've realized that Steve Scheunemann and his crooked team play on two main points: 1. Most people, after talking numbers for 6 to 8 hours are so exhausted that they just want the experience to be over with and will settle with whatever "mistakes" cause the price to go up. 2. Most people, are too lazy to take the time to write a well-thought out review, which means there are probably a lot of anonymous people who have been swindled by this team of crooks. Closing remarks. I think Steve Scheumann thought that was the case with a 22 year old guy in the Navy. But that's where he was wrong. He might play the "Retired Marine" card on you and act like he's your friend, but he is there for one reason. To take your money, and the more he takes from you the more he gets. Tread lightly.

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