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"The service department always does a wonderful job at Arrowhead. If you set-up an appointment online your service will be VERY quick. Great job overal. The only thing I wished they would have done was ezplain what the factort Repair would have been. Now my two seats in the Odyssey have to be removed to slide over. It used to be so simple and reliable. This took away a lot of the marketability of the Odyssey for the families. Oh well, just more work for me. "
"We recently purchased a used 2010 Expedition from Cody at this dealership. He was very helpful and rode with us on a test drive as we knew very little about the area. After the test ride we were able to make a deal. We picked up the vehicle the next evening, around closing time. We experienced a problem on the way home with it and contacted Cody regarding the problem that night . He was not at work the next day but was helpful in directing my problem to another team member, Mr. Lorts, but didn't communicate directly with him, only voice messages left for him, eventually leading us to work with Mr. Tom Stegeman (OUTSTANDING). He was very prompt in helping us resolve our problem. We were able to return the vehicle 4 days, (they wanted it sooner but we couldn't get it there sooner) after purchase for repair. Upon arrival, my wife was met at the door by Cody, he was very friendly and apologetic that we had a problem. He directed her to the service waiting area, which was awesome. The problem was resolved very quickly and she was on her way. Very professional sales and service, I would recommend anyone who wants to buy a vehicle to buy it from this company. Even though it was a used vehicle, we still received outstanding service. Terry and Monica Yokeley "