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Harley-Davidson Service Center Reviews

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"Joyce Honda provides good service. They even replaced my wiper blades for free. Very much appreciated! Will be coming back for sure! Thank you all! "
John P
"Horrible Service department. Brought in two tires & tubes (they did not have in stock and expensive to order) to have them put on my bike. Hours later get a call saying my axle threads were stripped. I question this and explained I was the last one to loosen that bolt and I did it by hand unlike the shop that uses an impact wrench. The guy on the phone told me his mechanic does 25 to 50 of these a day. When I said really, he takes off 25 to 50 axels a day? He responded "whatever, perhaps somebody came in the middle of the night at my house and stripped it." He kept pushing me if I wanted them to order one for me and estimated it would be $25. Explained not going to order until I knew the price which he then looked up and was told with the nut it would be just over $70. I said I would get one ($10 off ebay) and bring it in and that I would want the old one back. When I saw the old on it was clear it had just been stripped and still had clean metal shavings ... I said nothing nor did I say anything when I realized later they charged me to put in the new axle despite it being required to put on the new tires. I just wanted my dealing with them over but it did not end there ... When I picked up the bike there was no back brake action because they had not re-adjusted them when they put the rear tire back on which I ended up doing. In addition the chain was incredibly loose which again, I ended up tightening. Then two days later my rear tire was flat and discovered the valve stem core on the tube was loose. In addition the bike is misaligned since they put the new tires on and pulls to the right when I remove my hands. I could go into more details about their general attitude and comments from the guy I dealt with but will mention the entire staff at the service counter and the sales staff on the floor were maskless despite the law/rule mandating they must be worn. Don't care about people's politics or trust in government but it should have been a red alert for me indicating this company doesn't care about their clients or the rules. If these guys are so inept about simple changing tires ...."