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Stiletto Shay
"Yesterday would have made my 3rd consecutive vehicle purchase from Tischer. Not only were my 2 previous vehicles purchased there, they were also exclusively serviced there. (Service Advisor Rome Williams was their absolute BEST service advisor, but he isn't there anymore.) Finance Manager James Cook (mainly) and other staff prevented the 3rd sale from happening. I drove my 2012 Nissan in for service within the 8-o’clock hour on Wednesday, December 27, 2017 and decided instead of "waiting" I'd see what they had in their used inventory. It was 09:00 a.m. when I turned to Sales Associate Marshall Nickleberry with inquiries on a few 2015-2017 vehicles. Our conversation turned into me actually being interested in 2 vehicles for purchase. Throughout my time with Marshall, Service Advisor Trish Fales continuously came over to ask what we were doing/what did I decide. This was annoying to me and off-putting because until I present my check or sign with finance, my car is still mine and Tischer’s cars are still theirs. Then, once I finally decided on a car and things were moving along, James and Marshall approach me letting me know that they've used all the figures/negotiations on the wrong stock number while Trish simultaneously comes over and tells me that I still need to pay for services regardless of whether or not I purchase a vehicle. This moment was super embarrassing and could’ve been handled with more tact and professionalism. (Coincidentally, my 2012 Nissan was purchased while my 2007 Nissan was in for service and I was not asked or required to pay for services at all.) I told James and Marshall to just forget it and I went with Trish to pay for my oil change. Marshall felt bad, as a human should, and paid for my oil change out of his own pocket. Still, I leave, frustrated and embarrassed. Sales Manager Jon Andersen called me asking what they could do to make things better and like a fool I returned to the dealership when he offered to give me $1K more for my trade. Somehow, I ended up being the absolute last customer to get into financing despite being the first customer to arrive on-site. No apologies for the wait. No apologies for the miscommunication, as Marshall said James was to talk to me about the lenders/APR options. I stick around, but it’s taking a really long time. Too long of a time. Tischer Acura had a customer who purchased a Nissan and they were placed into financing before me, as well as a customer of Sales Associate Jonny Cornejo. Neither of which were on-site when I was at 09:00 a.m. Marshall walks me over to James because he called and said he’s ready, but when we get there the Tischer Acura customer was still there and seated. I tell Marshall this is ridiculous and walk back to my car, but am unable to leave because Marshall put my car in the service garage (as a courtesy due to the cold weather) with the doors closed. Marshall ends up texting me that James is really ready this time, so I walk back over and when I get over there I tell James that I have medication to take at 10:00 p.m. (yes, I was there from 09:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.) and needed this to go as quickly as possible. James makes no comment and doesn’t even acknowledge me, but instead proceeds to help Jonny, whose customer already went through financing with Finance Manager Craig Boone and had already left the premises. This was the last straw. What a slap in the face. You don't treat customers that way and you certainly don't mess with people's time like that. My current vehicle has Free Tires for Life and that is the ONLY reason I will continue to have my car exclusively serviced at Tischer. I’ve made positive references to Tischer over the past 10 years to friends and family; a very good friend of mine actually purchased a used TLX from Tischer, but I am not going to continue to be an above and beyond loyal customer to a dealership that has no regard for my well-being, my time, or my money. I truly hope management reads this in its entirety and to the end, and takes appropriate courses of action."
"It' wonderful to walk in a place and feel as though you are going to get treated the best. My experience at Carson Nissan is always professional, timely and easy. I'm glad you're not bomb-barred with sale pitches and pushy personnel. Oh yes, and I love the treats too."