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"Great experience in a busy start of week. Came over to Sun Toyota Holiday with no appointment with the intention to get fast attention of my vehicle with no hustle. No disappointment at all. Great Staff overall, open and ready to assist you in any question regarding your vehicle care. "
"had a class a that I took to them to have a tv put in the bedroom and when I got it back the rear corner of it was crushed like someone backed into something. They fixed the damages at no charge to me. Last August I purchased a new travel trailer from them, and in October I took it in for a repair on a water supply line that was leaking and while they had it the xxxxing moron that drives around out there on the forklift like he is in the indy 500 hit my trailer and damaged the bottom skirt, they fixed t that but after I got it back and was washing it I noticed there was more damage there is a big chunk taken out of the side of it and the metal around my window is all tore up and it is directly above where it was hit. I called to tell them about it and they told me that they didn't do it and they were not going to fix it, but they would give me an estimate to fix it. So from now on I will not be buying anything from them nor will I take it back for any kind of service either. If you value you r.v. I would not take it there. They also do xxxxty service work so you have to keep coming back.xxxx Arbogast RV Depot. If you want great service work a super friendly people take your rv to poor farmers campground"