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A & B Auto Sales

100 Marshall Street North, Benwood , West Virginia 26031
Sales: (304) 233-1480

Makes: Kia|Service Center

1 Lifetime Review

A & B Auto Sales
100 Marshall Street North,
Benwood , West Virginia 26031
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"I have dealt with this company before. This is the 5th..."

I have dealt with this company before. This is the 5th car we have bought from the same salesman. This time we bought our VERY 1ST BRAND NEW CAR THE KIA SORENTO. I love the car, we had to take it back A&B to get the tow package and rain guards on the car.They washed my NEW car out of courtesy We picked it up the next day and went across the street to get gas, that is where we noticed that there was scratches all over the entire car including the glass and headlights, we drove it back to the dealership where the 2 managers told us to drive it around back and up the ramp, when we got it under the lights they could not believe what they saw and told us that they would be sick if this happened to them but they could not give us any answers that night we would have to talk to RJ the service manager in the morning. The next morning my husband called down there to talk to RJ and they was buffing the car. I called back and told them that if all the scratches was not gone i was not taking it. the car was 44 days old with a little over 1000 miles on it and i had never washed it. I told RJ that i wanted to speak to the owner and not to do nothing else to the car cause 90% of the scratches was through the clear coat and some through the paint, and i did not want my new car buffed with a black rubbing compound to "COVER UP" the problem that it NEEDED TO be fixed. Later that day i talked to the owner Mike Burns Jr. who told me that i was crazy and that no company carried black wax or compounds for them to even use, and that he would call my atty to tell them i was CRAZY. He also told me that black cars are hard not to see scratches and all cars scratch and i should just get use to it or call MY insurance co. As you have read ALL this happened at their dealership why would i call MY insurance co. He asked me what i wanted and i asked what my options were, he would not give me any options so i just jumped and said replace my car, he told me that it was not in his budget to give me a new car, i explained to him i did not want a FREE car or am i trying to get out of a payment but i bought a new car and they damaged it at his business. HE THEN TOLD ME HE WAS FINE WITH THE BUFFING THEY DID ON THE CAR AND WAS GOING TO DO NO MORE TO IT! WE WENT DOWN TO THE DEALERSHIP TO GET PICTURES OF THE CAR AND I HAVE TO SAY MOST OF THE SCRATCHES ARE UNNOTICEABLE BUT THERE ARE STILL SCRATCHES YOU CAN SEE THROUGH THE PAINT AND THE GLASS IS STILL SCRATCHED, THAT IS WHEN THE SERVICE MANAGER RJ AND OUR SALESMAN DOUG DUDA TALKED TO US IN THE PARKING LOT AND BOTH SAID THAT THEY OFFER A PROTECTANT CALLED ZYLON AND THAT THEY FEEL WOULD SOLVE THE PROBLEM, WE TOLD THEM TO GO AHEAD AND DO IT SO I CAN HAVE MY CAR BACK. WE HAVE A FAMILY OF 6 AND CAN NOT GO ANYWHERE ALL TOGETHER CAUSE THAT IS THE ONLY CAR THAT WE HAVE TO FIT OUR FAMILY. THE NEXT DAY WE WAS CALLED AND TOLD THAT THE OWNER SAID THEY WERE ""NOT"" ALLOWED TO DO ANYTHING TO MY CAR. NOW THE 2ND PAYMENT HAS BEEN MADE AND MY CAR IS STILL SITTING AT A&B, WAS TOLD I WAS NOT GETTING A RENTAL OR NOTHING, SO THE ATTY TOLD US HE WOULD SEND THEM A LETTER GIVING THEM THE OPTION TO FIX IT BEFORE GOING TO COURT, AND 10 DAYS TO RESPOND, THEY HAVE DONE NOTHING SO I AM GOING TO BE 1000'S OF DOLLARS IN DEBT DOING TO COURT JUST TO HAVE THEM FIX THEIR DAMAGE BY WASHING MY CAR WITH A BRUSH, AND STILL PAYING ON A 40,000 CAR THAT I HAVE NO POSSESSION OF. THIS IS NOT A WAY A RETURNING CUSTOMER SHOULD BE TREATED SO BEWARE IF YOU GOING TO BUY FROM THEM AND WITH HIM SAYING ITS NOT IN HIS BUDGET TO FIX MY CAR, IT DOESN'T SOUND LIKE THIS COMPANY WILL BE AROUND MUCH LONGER

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Mike burns Jr. Doug Duda, R.J. Bob

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