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Atlantic Lexus Of 110


645 Lifetime Reviews

2090 Broadhollow Road, Farmingdale, New York 11735
Closed 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM Hours
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Top Reviewed Employees

Alexis  Gallittto, Sales and Leasing Consultant, Atlantic Lexus Of 110

Alexis Gallittto

Sales and Leasing Consultant
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Tommy  Rizzatti, Pre Owned Director, Atlantic Lexus Of 110

Tommy Rizzatti

Pre Owned Director
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Carlos  Vargas, Sales Associate, Atlantic Lexus Of 110

Carlos Vargas

Sales Associate
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Larry Smath, Financial Services Director, Atlantic Lexus Of 110

Larry Smath

Financial Services Director
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Latest Reviews

January 15, 2017

"New L certified pre owned car. Please read this. Thank you"

- Debbie 1969

I normally will not review about anything I purchase. But this time I had to. I went into to Atlantic Lexus because I boutght a few cars from there prior location in Massapequa. Car shopping is one of the first things on my list that's my least favorite thing to do. I found a car there that I liked and was introduced to Tommy one of the salesmanger's along with Chris Monney. I told them that I was looking at around at other lexus stores.( here is why I'm writing this ) I'm Not afraid to say I went to Smithtown Lexus and this is where I don't understand why people do business this way, a manager from smith town came over to Me and bassicly said that he use to work there an continued to say anything and everything he could think of to tear them down. ( for no reason) I don't want to bore anyone with the review but there are some things you and other people should know and understand. Not one time did Tommy or Hector say anything about Smithtown Lexus.( a matter of fact Tommy said I have Few friends that work there. Said nice stuff about them) I'm in sales and when someone does that me as a customer makes me want to get the car from the dealership the trying to make look bad. That s not how you should do business. I looked up all reveiws I couldn't find out why the wanted to do business that way. Moving foward I went back saw Tommy and as busy as they where he brought me into his office and we talked about different options. Gave me a choice of leasing the car. I was not even told you that you could lease a l/certified car from Smithtown lexus. I went back today just to see if everything that was put in my head was not true. Well lets just say this nothing. NOTHING!!! So take it from me I can go on forever but that's not the way you should run a business. Maybe This Lexus store should take some notes from the way Tommy and Chris run there store it was a world class experience. Please if your like me and read reviews and you in the market for a preowned Lexus go see these guys YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. And did I tell you how beautiful the store is omg the nicest place Iver ever been in. My long story is almost over. I wanted to give credit to Tommy he took The high road through this whole process. He told me his goal is to make his customers a happy! He did say making everyone happy is not an easy. There will Always be someone that you can't make happy but He will try his best. So if you in the market for a L/certified car our truck go see Tommy . You are not going to be disappointed! This I promise you. Thanks for reading my review. I never thought for one minute I would do this but NEVER EVER listen to someone with out gathering you own judgement. If I would have listen to the numerous lies I never would have bought the car from Hector and his boss Tommy. Tommy and Hector thanks again for everything thing you did I love my car! I will see you on the first only change. And Tommy I hope your knee get better. Thanks guys from the bottom of my heart. You have a customer for life.

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January 03, 2017

"Very pleasant Experience"

- NYR430

I bought my 2013 Lexus ES 350 at RVC but I decided to bring my car for NYS Inspection to this Dealership. I had two new front tires on it already and Service Manager told me that I needed front alignment. Since the front tires were replaced about 3 months before at a different dealership, I agreed to have front alignment done here at Atlantic Lexus. One thing was for sure that the Service Manager was telling the truth. The old tires taken off were slightly uneven worn, but I did not see it a serious issue at that time. The reason I agreed to have the front alignment done was because The Manager was not telling me BS;..and I like the things perfect. Lexus is an awesome car and it should perform like Lexus...about 2 months later I returned to Atlantic Lexus to have my rear tires replaced. My short experience with Atlantic Lexus is good and I intend to go back there. Besides, the dealership is spacious, very clean, very modern... simply beautiful..The Personnel I dealt with was very professional.

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December 23, 2016

"Alexis is wonderful"

- Slow to buy glad i had Alexis to help me

Alexis was very patient as it took me a year to decide which car I wanted and when I decided she couldn't have been better

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