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Crown BMW of Greensboro


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3902 W. Wendover Ave., Greensboro, North Carolina 27407
Closed 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM Hours
Call (336) 790-9848

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September 27, 2016

"Terrible service department "

- Kindtoyoudude

Spent over 1k for service on my BMW, since that service I have been back twice for poor service on my vehicle. Service rep communication was even worse. I will never bring my car back.

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August 02, 2016

"Car was found 3 hours after appointment "

- Anita B

I'm only giving a poor review due to the service advisor Andrew Myers. I made a 730 am appointment for Friday, July 29th. My car was dropped off the night before. I filled out the envelope, put my key inside and dropped it in the designated slot. I called the office at 745am to see if Andrew had my car and to find out if he would call to let me know the issue and cost. Andrew was busy so I didn't leave a message. Previously, I had advised him that I thought I needed a heating coil. (Mentioned it to David as well) I called back at 1130 since I had not received a call from him. Ms. Pam answered and again Andrew was busy. I asked her to check the status of my car because I hadn't heard from Andrew. Ms. Pam was unable to find anything in the system on my car. I verified the address in case I took it to the wrong BMW shop. She confirmed that was the place. I told her where I parked my car (in front of the door). After about 10-15 on hold she finally comes back and was apologizing to me because she found my keys exactly where I had left them, in the BMW designated slot. Ms. Pam informed me that she had talked to Andrew and that he should be calling me soon. I laughed about her finding the key and me thinking I took it to the wrong place. About 3pm, I called again just to make sure Andrew knew to call and I told Ms. Pam I wouldn't bother her anymore that day since I had called more than 3 times already. I told her I would just continue to wait on the status of my car. I was really concerned since it was "lost" in front of the door for 3 hours. It's about 6pm, I called back and spoke to Ms. Bettie. I apologized for calling once again. She was aware of my situation and apologized to me because Andrew was gone for the day. She understood my concern and then advised me that he would not return until Monday. She also gave me hours for the shop on Saturday. I waited Saturday morning and still no calluck from anyone. I came in that day about 11 or so and spoke with another advisor name David. He informed me that everything was already in the system and that they were waiting on an approval from me. He asked if I received a call and of course I had not. I gave him the ok and asked for a manager. I spoke with Mr. Brian Cost and informed him of what happened from the time I dropped my car off Thursday night up until that moment I was in front of him. He was extremely nice and very honest. I admired the fact that he did not try to make an excuse for what happened. In fact, he gave me a loaner and said he would help with my bill. All that brings me to yesterday, Monday, August 1. I finally received a call from Andrew Myers. He told me who he was etc. I said "Andrew I'm mad at you" and stared laughing. He respond "what I do". I said "you forgot all about me on Friday". As I was joking with him, he proceeded to tell me that he "thought" he called me twice on Friday and "thought" he had left me a voice-mail. Then he said "I had your car in here first thing Friday morning". Now surely this was an outright lie because Ms. Pam didn't find my key until 1130. At this point, I'm no longer laughing, I'm getting frustrated because not all did you just call me days later but now you're lying to me. After his 3rd time repeating the lie of him having my car first thing Friday morning I asked him to get off my phone lying and not to call my phone again. I hung up! He still called me back 2 additional times. I immediately got a headache because now I have to step outside from work, be on hold trying to get through to talk to someone all over again about my car. I called BMW about 4 times yesterday morning and even left Brian Cost a message but he did not call back. David finally called me after 12 or so and told me my car was ready. I did also speak to Jillian which also knew the situation. She was really nice as well. I'm just frustrated and nobody should have an experience such as this. AND to top it all off, after paying $1189 for a coolant issue...my coolant light is back on today! So yes, Im upset because I still have to deal with this place again in less than 24 hours of picking up my car. My car should have been fixed and I shouldn't have the same problems today that I had when it went in the shop. This is not good business!!

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June 01, 2016

"Tire pressure indicator on"


I stopped by the dealership on my way out of town to have the tire pressure checked as the indicator light was on and had been for several days. I explained this to the young guy that helped me who said that he would check the pressure and correct but if pressure was really off on all tires he would have a tech take a look. I sat in the lounge for about 10 minutes when he returned to tell me that I had a" big chunk of metal" in the front driver's side tire and it was in a place that couldn't be repaired, that he was going to have the tech check it out. Of course my first response was "show it to me". We went out and low an behold miraculously it was not there. He then reset the indicator and I drove to the coast and back with no problem. Buyer beware!

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