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Don McGill Toyota of Katy


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March 18, 2017

"Worst Experience | Dishonest & Greedy Management "

- dealerraterx

This was by far the worst car buying experience I have ever had. When the management is dishonest, has no integrity, and all they care about is the "bottom line", you know it is a bad organization to buy and should stay away from. Here is my story: I came in to buy a used Toyota RAV4, I reviewed multiple options of cars with the salesman, and finally found a car that was a good option for me. I then went home to discuss with family the options and confirm a decision. I finally called the salesman back and asked if they would discount me a price, that I am wiling to make a deal, then I got a call back the next day and they confirmed the price that I negotiated is a go and to come in and get it done. When I got to the dealership, I brought my cheque book and the salesman confirmed again that the price i was given will be honored and in the computer notes shows managers signoff on the final price that was offered to me. Then right after, I went outside to test drive the car. While test driving the car, the salesman I was with got a call that another potential customer is coming in an hour to buy the same car i was test driving and willing to buy the car for the initial price listed which is slightly higher than what i was willing to pay. The two salesmen went into the manager (Tommy Morgan) and told him the story, and shockingly the manager (Tommy Morgan) had said that they will not honor my price that was confirmed to me multiple times (both on the phone and in person), and said "sorry, if you are willing to pay XX price (which is the same price the other customers that's coming in to buy), then he can give it to me, otherwise they cant help me. I was in complete shock as I was just literally outside test driving the car and came inside the dealership to close the deal, but they were so greedy and dishonest that they are willing to wipe out any integrity they had left in them just to make an extra buck. The goal at this dealership seems pretty obvious "sell as many cars at greatest profits by any means and leave your integrity out the door". This is was truly and sadly my experience there..... Rami

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January 18, 2017

"They don't respect contracts... go somewhere else..."

- GC

I spent 5 hours at this dealership to sign a lease. 3 days later they called me to change the terms because of a dealer mistake and yes, I had to pay a lot more. If I reject the offer, my credit will be damaged because of the cancellation. So be careful, they do and give you whatever you want but 3 days later when TFS declines what they offered, they just call you to change terms. Very unproffesional. Go to Fred Hass or somewhere else

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January 02, 2017

"Worst Service "

- princess1515

Horrible service with liars. They told us that they had a vehicle and after wasting 2 hours and doing pricing, they told us it is sold. Full of bs. Don't go to DJ or work with a manager by the name of Alex. Go to sterling McCall.

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Don McGill Toyota of Katy, Katy, TX, 77450