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Freedom Honda


159 Lifetime Reviews

4955 New Car Drive, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80923
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Top Reviewed Employees

Mario Martinez, Finance Manager, Freedom Honda

Mario Martinez

Finance Manager
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Scott (Flattop) Brunelle, Sales Manager, Freedom Honda

Scott (Flattop) Brunelle

Sales Manager
Employee Rating is a new feature allowing consumers to rate their experience with individual dealership employees.
Ricky Olson, Finance Director, Freedom Honda

Ricky Olson

Finance Director
Employee Rating is a new feature allowing consumers to rate their experience with individual dealership employees.
Brian  Schaefer, Finance Manager, Freedom Honda

Brian Schaefer

Finance Manager
Employee Rating is a new feature allowing consumers to rate their experience with individual dealership employees.

Latest Reviews

October 18, 2016

"Excellent Sales Staff!!!"

- Mike K.

Recently, moved to Colorado Springs and needed a versatile vehicle. The Honda Ridgeline was the vehicle for us: all wheel drive to handle the Colorado snow, a spacious cabin to seat the family and a handy bed area to haul everything from bikes to mulch. Sales Reps. Danielle C. and Brandon W. were super friendly and knowledgeable. No tricks or pressure sales techniques here. Sales manager Scott B. closed the deal by meeting our financial goals! Again, no tricks just walked us through our buying experience. Great sales crew!!! Great vehicle price!!! A most positive buying experience!!!

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October 16, 2016

"First Purchase of a new Honda CRV from Freedom Honda"

- 1234cajun

I have lived in Colorado Springs for over 30 years. The only Honda Dealership at the time in Colorado Springs was called Front Range Honda. It had a bad reputation of service. You would go in for a simple problem and they would always come up with a whole list of problems that did not exist. Because this practice was well know in Colorado Springs the residence would go to either Denver or Littleton to purchase or have their Honda serviced. My wife's first Honda was purchased at Schomps in Littleton CO and they made us a great deal. When my wife's car was totaled in a recent accident we returned to Schomps at their new facility and we hated our experience. They gave us a price and would not negotiate at all. We returned to Colorado Springs and I had heard a lot of good things about a new Honda Dealership down the road from where I live..... Freedom Honda ! We went their the same day we returned from Littleton and I am so glad we did. I worked with a great Salesman "Brandon and his boss/manager Dan. I told them about our bad experience in Littleton. Within 15-20 minutes Brandon & Dan found the exact car/make/model ....but it even had more options than the one in Littleton. They offered it for a better price. I heard that Freedom Honda was recently Ranked #1 in Sales and Service in all of Colorado. That does not surprise me at all! I would give them more than FIVE STARS if I could.

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October 09, 2016

"Horrible experience with Honda"

- pissedathonda

My car was totaled in a hail storm and I had to get a new car. I bought a brand new Honda Civic Touring, which I regret. It had constant issues and I was in the shop 6 times in 2 months. The mechanics didn't seem to care is they even resolved any of the issues as I had to come in multiple times for the same issues. Some of the issues, Honda was aware of and were still working on fixing. The mechanics did not know this only the service manager. The mechanics told me that if they cannot replicate these random issues than they cannot fix them. After two months of this I got so fed up that I traded it in for the Honda Accord Touring. I was expecting to get a great deal considering all the issues I had with the civic, a defective product that they sold me. This was not the case, I was mislead into thinking I was getting a great deal. They gave me high numbers, which I said I would not pay then they come back with a credit so I thought they were helping me out because of all my issues. This actually turned out to be my extended warranty that was transferred over from my civic which they shorted me on. I thought this was already transferred over and this was an additional credit. I asked three times how much would I lose on this trade in, which they avoided answering. I asked the finance person to compare the numbers to see how much I was losing also. I told me one or two numbers but never gave me a total. After all said and done I bought the Accord because I was so fed up with the Civic and thought I was getting a great deal on the trade in. I compared the numbers and I lost $5,000. I expected with all my issues they would at least split the loss of the vehicle with me not completely pass the loss onto me. I am a life long Honda buyer but after all this I will never buy a Honda through Freedom Honda again, and will never buy a Honda in general again.

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Freedom Honda, Colorado Springs, CO, 80923