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Fuller Chevrolet

330 Commercial Street, Rockport, Maine 04856
Sales: (207) 236-8861

Makes: Chevrolet|Service Center
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Fuller Chevrolet
1 Lifetime Review
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Faith Stevens
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I bought a used car here 2 years ago. I was told it was a safe, reliable car, with great trade in value. I was also sold the extend warranty having been told, "if you have any problems with the car you bring it in and we fix it". A week later the car stalled. So, I brought it in. They said "there is nothing wrong with it" and charged me! Why am I paying for them not finding what's wrong!?! Since then it has stalled at least once a month. I brought it in last summer, this time I also pointed out a noise. So they "diagnosed it" and "nothing was wrong with it" and then charged me again!. Now, I tried to trade it in, turns out, not only was the "great trade in value" major BS, but they said something was so wrong with the engine they couldn't even take it! So I brought it back. They lied about me being able to use a loner first of all. But when they found what was making the noise (not what was making it stall), turned out it was a very serious problem and then they spent about 20 minutes covering their own butts saying that I never brought it in for diagnosis and when I got the state inspection done "the noise wasn't there". So they have lied the whole time and I can't WAIT to get rid of this car and not have to EVERY DEAL WITH FULLERS BEFORE!!!

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