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June 23, 2016

"I love my Impala "

- Impala 2016

Great experience very professional ,knowledgeable and respectful staff. I felt like family. Great after care. Charles was very accommodating. Good price range ,Great color.Thanks for taking care of me

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December 05, 2015

"Horrible new car purchasing experience! Horrible Leader!"

- 2015Chevy

My husband and I were going to the dealership to look at possibly trading in our truck. My husband found a vehicle that he feel in love with of course! The sales person was ok. The new car sales manager seemed nice initially as if he was very interested in personalizing our experience and making us a loyal Chevrolet customer. However, when we signed the papers and agreed to purchase the car things went down hill. Of course, he made it seem as if we were getting a great deal on the car "Black Friday Sale" he called it. The price we initially agreed to with the sales person increased by over $6,000.00 when we made it to the finance office. I can not leave all the blame on them because I should have asked for more initially instead of assuming they were being upfront and what we agreed to was what we would be getting. When I asked more questions about a discount I was eligible to receive he responded with its all there so of course I believed him and it was also late. We made it to the back to sign the documents with the finance rep (not sure if he was the manager) and it was almost one hour past their closing time so of course things were rushed. I was tired as well so not wanting to spend too much more time dealing with this we signed and left. The next day I started to feel as if things weren't right so I did research of my own and begin asking questions to the sales rep first who in turn suggested I may need to speak with the new car sales manager. When I spoke with him he was very short and acted as if I was being a bother to him. I told him the price we initially signed off on was not what I saw when we got to finance. My thought was that he left off my additional discount, after further research but of course he insisted that he did not and he had given it to me. He stated the price I retrieved from the GM website was not correct. Then he told me my questions would have to be answered by the finance guy. I must say that the finance guy was very nice and helpful in the end and explained everything thoroughly once I requested. However, I still felt as if the sales team was not upfront and changed on you once you signed the final papers. I will definitely not be recommending them to anyone, I feel as if I was over charged for things that should have come along with a new vehicle because, I trusted them and should not have and was fooled into thinking that they were honest people. I also called the sales rep regarding additional questions and did not receive a returned call at all. However, I was contacted by them to get additional paperwork signed and info they needed. They make you feel as if you are bothering them. In closing I must say I have purchased cars from other dealers before and have never felt the way I feel about this experience it was absolutely awful if I could give them a zero I would. I plan on purchasing another vehicle for myself next year and definitely won't be going to them. I would not recommend them to ANYONE!!! I have more to say but don't want to spend anymore time on this the process seems to be never ending with them as we are still have to get the bill of sale for the tag from them. When you are spending over $40,000 on a car it should not be this way. Beware!

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September 29, 2015

"Damaged in service"

- LoudMouth

I am speechless. How could an oil change and tire rotation turn into two weeks without my car? Do not trust service department. I found the damage. No one admitted. No one apologized. No call from a manager. So so so disappointed.

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