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Gray-Daniels Chevrolet


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6060 I-55 North, Jackson, Mississippi 39211-2641
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July 15, 2017

"Great deal at Gray-Daniels Chevy."

- Richard T

Bought a '15 Silverado from Gray-Daniels Chevy.Pleasant experience, smooth transaction. My salesman, Ron Gooding, will work extremely hard for his customers. Highly recommend Gray-Daniels Chevy for your next vehicle.

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Ron Gooding

March 13, 2017

"Service Engine Check Light"

- AName55

Check Engine light was, had been a recurring error and I knew the code and what it would take to fix it. I have my own code reader and double checked to make sure there were no other codes. Anyway, pull into service Dept...told them what was wrong and what I wanted them to do. Told them I;d wait. After a couple hours waiting a Service Tech came to me with about 5 error codes he had scribbled on a piece of paper. I was about to call him out right then and there but thought, "If they are this unscrupulous to upsell service work? What would they do to my engine if I refused?" Anyway...$140 job turned into close to $500 just to get my truck back. I will never ever do business with them again.

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I couldnt read the name on the service ticket

October 15, 2016

"Disappointed "

- Katieglott

I made an appointment via the phone. I specifically asked about pricing. She stated she would not be able to give me pricing until someone looked at my vehicle. This was understandable. I then inquired about an oil change and she quoted me $29. When I arrived to the dealership a gentleman checked me and showed me to the waiting room but never discussed rice with me. My ride showed up to pick me up and I asked if they could call me before doing anything to my vehicle. The rep said this would be no problem but I could expect $50 just to have the car looked at and $39 for an oil change. I said no one told me of a $50 charge and I was told it would be $29 for an oil change. The rep then told me I don't know why the phone service is quoting that price but you can go on the website and get a coupon. Which I did. Once u got home the rep called me with 1/2 a quote. He stated he did not have a quote for the other 10 things wrong with my car. I approved the oil change and fixing the breaks and asked him to call me with the price quote for the rest. This was around 4 pm. I never received a call back. At 1 pm the next day I called the direct service department line 3 times before I got an answer. The first call I left a message with Ted Smith, my service rep with no call back. The second time the receptionist answered and transferred me and no one answered. The third time I finally got through to Ted. He stated he still did not have a quote. I told him I would be there to pick my car up. I will not return to this service station nor buy a car from here as I felt the staff was rude and did not care if they had my business.

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Employees Worked With

Ted Smith


Gray-Daniels Chevrolet, Jackson, MS, 39211-2641