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Gray-Daniels Chevrolet


38 Lifetime Reviews

6060 I-55 North, Jackson, Mississippi 39211-2641
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July 25, 2017

"Great friendly experience "


I traveled from Mobile Alabama, near 3.5 hours away and would gladly do it again to obtain the high level of service that is offered by Ron Gooding at Gray Daniels Chevrolet. My every want and demand was granted in the deal we made. I may even let him win next time because I feel like I stole the car with the deal he gave me.

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John Wilder

July 15, 2017

"Great deal at Gray-Daniels Chevy."

- Richard T

Bought a '15 Silverado from Gray-Daniels Chevy.Pleasant experience, smooth transaction. My salesman, Ron Gooding, will work extremely hard for his customers. Highly recommend Gray-Daniels Chevy for your next vehicle.

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Employees Worked With

Ron Gooding

March 13, 2017

"Service Engine Check Light"

- AName55

Check Engine light was, had been a recurring error and I knew the code and what it would take to fix it. I have my own code reader and double checked to make sure there were no other codes. Anyway, pull into service Dept...told them what was wrong and what I wanted them to do. Told them I;d wait. After a couple hours waiting a Service Tech came to me with about 5 error codes he had scribbled on a piece of paper. I was about to call him out right then and there but thought, "If they are this unscrupulous to upsell service work? What would they do to my engine if I refused?" Anyway...$140 job turned into close to $500 just to get my truck back. I will never ever do business with them again.

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I couldnt read the name on the service ticket


Gray-Daniels Chevrolet, Jackson, MS, 39211-2641