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Honda of Morgan Hill


12 Lifetime Reviews

17100 Laurel Road, Morgan Hill, California 95037
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February 11, 2017

"Worst experience "

- erosas

Honda of Morgan is one of the worst dealership I have ever went to the service Manger Anthony was very rude. In July I purchase a used 2014 Honda the car had no gas when I asked if they could fill it up they said no they don't have to since I already pay for the car I couldn't do anything about it. Now a few months later the heater is broken I called to ask about my warranty Anthony the service manager was rude said my warranty was expired and the I asked him to please check then he said it wasn't. Then I go in to the dealership and again he is rude to me. I tells me it will be 165 to get it check and only after I pay maybe the warranty will work. It was the worst experience I ever had. Please don't ever go.

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December 05, 2016

"Terrible Purchasing Experience"

- Paul

Anthony is a terrible and very aggressive finance manager. He threaten to assault me and show zero respect. He was constantly pressuring us to sign the contract without giving us the opportunity to read the details or look at the specifications of the car. This may seem outrageous for someone responsible for his duties, but read the whole story to see his poor characteristics. Here is the story: We came into the dealership and test drove the new 2017 HR-V AWD. The experience was good, however, we didn’t go over the details of the car as we have been shopping around and we knew what we wanted. After negotiating a great out of door price for the car($xx,553), we wanted to purchase it. We were then pushed to Anthony to work on the financing of the car. Anthony kept pushing us to sign the different agreements that are normal in the process of purchasing a car. However, I requested to get the full information of the car and the final price before signing anything. I find it perfectly normal to understand what exactly we were buying and the final price. Anthony pushed his screen over and it shows a different price on what was agreed on (~$xx,850). I asked him about the discrepancies and if I can get a full breakdown of the fees. He pulls out the notes and price that we negotiated with the sales representative and it clearly shows ($xx,553). I asked him to bring in the sales representative into the room to clear this out however he said no and that I have to go back outside and negotiate it. There is nothing to negotiate; it is on the paper. I wanted everyone to be in the same room and clear the miscommunication, however, he insisted that I walk back outside to talk to the sale representative. I did as he asked and the sales representative agreed on the same price ($xx,553). I went back into Anthony’s office to show me the agreement, but now on the screen, it shows the price ($xx,525). Anthony begins to mock and provoke me by asking if I wanted the $xx,553 price or the $xx,525 price. He was very abusive by asking that rhetorical question three times! I brushed it off and asked for the detailed specification sheet for the car to ensure that he wasn’t switching vehicles on us – we wanted AWD and not 2WD. It has happened to a family member of ours. He said that he does not have the specifications sheet and that we had to walk to the car the read it. Terrible customer service. Lack of transparency. Abusive. It when back and forth a couple times because as a customer, I felt it was right to see what I am buying at the signing table. It escalated. I was frustrated. I said in a casual manner: “just make a copy of the ****** paper, how hard is that”. I had no intention to direct any foul language towards Anthony, but the process of getting specification sheet of the car. Anthony took it personal and became extremely disrespectful. He started saying that I have no right say that to him. He then said that if we were outside on the street I would not be using that kind of language towards him. For me, I took that as a threat and to be clear, I used that foul language towards the process. Anthony walked outside and had the sales representative fetch the specification sheet. The sales representative returned with the specification sheet and ask if he should stay in the room. Anthony responded: “No, I’ll handle him”. I was shaken by this experience. As we were going through the agreements, Anthony was constantly on Instagram on his phone and showed a lack of interest in answering any questions in regards to the agreements. As a business owner, this is a lack of respect to the business and customer. After all the signing, I politely asked for printed copies of everything and was completely ignored. He then gave us a USB with the documents, however, during the process of transferring the file, he pulled out the USB quickly. I asked him to check to see if the files went through. He said no and I can go outside to check on the sales representative computer. Lo and behold, there was nothing on the USB and Anthony was gone from his desk. We had to get his manager or someone in the finance team to get Anthony to give us the document. The sales representative did not wanted to request it directly from Anthony. At the end of the day, we got the car at the price we wanted, however, the experience has been traumatizing. Personally for me, I would never go back to this dealership as long as Anthony is there. Anthony is very disrespectful, aggressive, and slimy. He shows that he is lazy to fulfill simple tasks that would make the customer purchasing experience comfortable. When working with Anthony, always double-check the numbers because he will try to rip you off.

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September 17, 2016


- Cali123

I did extensive research into where I should purchase my first car. (Honda Civic lx 2016) And Morgan Hill Honda is literally the worse Honda dealership in the entire Bay Area. Morgan hill Honda had poor/rude customer service. Bait and Switch salesmen. And The highest prices. I will not recommend this dealership to anyone and I wish I could give it negative stars. And to Anyone who thinks they received a good experience/price at Morgan Hill Honda didn't do their research.

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  • Free Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate/Water
  • Pet Friendly
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  • Authorized Parts Store
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