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King's Auto Sales

2411 Asheville Hwy, Hendersonville, North Carolina 28791
Sales: (888) 563-0286

Makes: Used Car Dealer
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King's Auto Sales
1 Lifetime Review
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"BUYER BEWARE! Recently purchased a used vehicle from..."

BUYER BEWARE! Recently purchased a used vehicle from these guys. I was eager to buy since I was in need of a vehicle and I was lured in with a "to good to be true price." It was about $1000 under Blue Book for the particular vehicle I bought. When I bought the vehicle things went well for the most part. Place was a bit dirty, but hey it's a used car dealership and I'm not exactly rolling in cash. I dealt with a guy named Ramez there, seemed ok at the time. Nice enough guy with a quiet demeanor. I test drove the vehicle, it ran good, was clean and I was happy with the overall purchase. Despite the fact these guys don't put warranties on their cars I was ok with it. Ramez told me the reason why they were able to sell below Blue Book was because they did not offer warranties. I purchased the vehicle and drove off...with only a 1/4 tank of gas...never heard of a dealership not filling up a vehicle before it's purchased but whatever. Here is where the fun begins. 2nd day of owning the car...I'm driving on the Dumbarton Bridge. I begin to hear a knocking noise in my right front tire wall. I know I didn't run over anything so I think something is wrong. I pull over once on the east bay side...my front right signal/blinker cover has popped out of place. Upon inspection I see epoxy or glue residue on some of the clips that lock it into place. So I currently have my Blinker taped onto my car. The fun continues...a week ago (roughly 2 weeks after I bought this car.) I notice the brakes grinding. I take it into a shop that has won Mountain View, CA. choice award for the past few years for best mechanic. He doesn't even have to take my wheels off to notice that my Rotors are worn far beyond repair. I pay the $65 to have him do a complete inspection. He does and gives me the low down. " You need new rotors, new brake pads, and your front right caliper is sticking so you'll have to replace that." Great... he informs me that by law a used dealership is not allowed to sell a vehicle with less than 50% brakes. So I call up Kings and try to negotiate some form of vehicle repair with them. They assure me their mechanic looked at the brakes and gave them his ok. They say they can have their guy do the repair for much less than my mechanic in Mountain View so I decide to bring it back to them At this point I trust the guys at Kings Auto Sales about as far as I can throw them so I offer to buy the parts needed just so I have piece of mind that I will be getting new parts installed. I get the parts and they are suppose to cover maintenance...and by the way I also had verbal confirmation from Ramez that he would also fix my blinker over the phone. The day comes to have the car fixed...I had to have it towed there and they requested I leave the vehicle over night so that all the necessary repairs could be done. I agree. Next day, I get a call at 11am that my vehicle is ready to be picked up...I drive 2 hours to Sacramento. What do I see in the parking lot??? My vehicle...blinker still taped in place. I go inside to ask about the repairs...they only replaced the rotors and pads...and told me that their mechanic said my calipers were still new. I was so angry at this point I had to get out of there before I said something I would regret. They cut me a check for $100 to fix my blinker...I should have ripped it up instead of taking it. I feel taken advantage of...these guys didn't sell the vehicle up to used car standards and definitely did not meet the repair standards. I've called the dealership today and conveniently Ramez is dealing with customers so I'm getting avoided. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau to report these thieves, not that it will matter to them. I may also decide to explore my legal options in this case as well. Apparently they sold me a vehicle with less than 50% of brakes which by law they are not allowed to do. I paid for the parts which they should have paid for, these guys are crooked. Do not buy from Kings.

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