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September 11, 2016

"Recent experience of canceling warranty: Rich and Jessee"

- jd

Having physical disability, I had unpleasant experience with two particular employees at Kuni Honda: Jesse Gonzeles and Rich Carni. Jesse the sales person was very deceptive and tricky to sell me the car and sold me a third party warranty service. After he sold me the car, he forgot to ask my bank statement, so he called me and asked me for a copy of a bank statement. Within five minutes, I got it and emailed him the scanned bank statement. But, when I needed his help and left him several messages and emails, he did not respond. I was disappointed and had to go to the dealer to talked to him. I ended up waiting for 20 minutes and took me a long time to be there on my wheelchair. Rich the finance person has not been very helpful to cancel the third party warranty service and keeps changing his words. After buying the car, I decided to cancel the warranty service, and my contract does state that I could within sixty days. I told him to cancel the warranty service. He told me that the bank will send me the revised payment. However, I did not hear anything from the bank, so I asked Rich about the cancelation. At first, he told me that he sent a check to the bank, but on another day he said that he canceled the service. On the other day, as I was talking to him, when I asked him when I would receive the check from the warranty company, he told me that he had no clue and hung up the phone, because it was a third part company. I left him several messages, but he did not return my calls either. So, I had to go to the dealership on my wheelchair. I ended up waiting for 20 minutes. Overall, I felt like all they want to do is to make extra money by selling you a third party warranty that gives them extra incentives. If they cannot hold of the third party company, how do they expect their customers to get hold of the company? I do not appreciate their work ethics and the way they treat people. Sure, maybe I had to be more careful. I was a fool. I still need to be refunded from the third part warranty company and am still waiting for Rich to forward me the evidence of canceling the warranty. I hope Rich or someone from the dealer read this review and fix the problem. Then, maybe, they can earn their respect.

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June 03, 2016


- Mamalynnster410

I saw a car I was interested in online and submitted an inquiry. A sales person got right back to me and told me all about the car. It was exactly what I wanted, so I filled out the credit pre-application and made an appointment for 10 the next day. I asked if I could reserve it for a test drive; the sales person said I couldn't reserve it but that he would definitely keep me updated on the car until we met. We drove 1.5 hours from Boulder, through rush hour traffic, and got there early. THEN they told me that it had been sold the previous night and tried to sell me something else. I was furious because I had taken the day off work. Do NOT go to Kuni Honda; I wish I had thoroughly read all these reviews before wasting an entire morning. Who knows if they even ever had it. I wouldn't be surprised if they just advertise a great deal to get people in the door and then try to sell them something else. Luckily, I was able to find the car I wanted at Markley Motors in Fort Collins (a GREAT dealership, by the way). I will forever tell people that Kuni Honda sucks and is a place to be avoided. UPDATE: Wondering about the whole bait and switch thing someone else mentioned, I just chatted with a Kuni rep online and was told that the car (which they previously had said was sold last night) was available! It is still posted on their website. DO NOT GIVE THIS PLACE YOUR BUSINESS! THEY CARE NOTHING ABOUT YOU.

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May 11, 2016

"Kurt is amazing "

- Scott

Let me first say Kurt Wolffrum was amazing he was extremely friendly helpful and courteous. He showed the car not only to me but a separate visit for my wife as well. He pulled comparative information in regards to the Accord and prices for similar used cars in the area. The follow-up from Kurt was timely. He called me the morning of April 16th when we had that huge storm and wanted to know if we couldn't reschedule in lieu of the terrible weather. He was concerned for my safety and well-being. The day we finally made our decision on a used vehicle I also received support from Zlatko Popov another product specialist. He was extremely helpful and supportive in making this decision as well. It was a seamless experience working with him as we sat down to finalize the details on my vehicle.

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