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Kuni Honda on Arapahoe


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10750 E Arapahoe Rd, Centennial, Colorado 80112
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June 23, 2017

"Can't trust these guys!"

- ASiri

The story I got went from "you'll have right of first refusal on the car" to "we need the kind of commitment a father would expect to marry off his daughter." They clearly lied to get me to the table and put on the pressure. Shameful....

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Shane Hollingsworth

January 09, 2017

"Great Sales/ Poor Service"

- YvonneDen

We purchased our 2015 CRV Touring at Kuni and received great Sales service from our saleswoman. She was great and detailed, she sold the car. My complaint is once the Sales ended the service ended with it. This Service Department is so lacking in customer service skills. We received an electronic survey in which I was detailed and honest and never received a response as was indicated would take place. This only solidifies my point. We had two negative experiences there once we picked up our car that had to do with our tires and they are a very busy center but just don't have time for a simple friendly greeting upon arrival. It is almost like you are troubling them. Very disappointing. We have been to service centers over the years that really do know what the word service means. I gave a fair rating because although the Sales Department did a great job, their Service Department negated the whole experience.

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Lauren Hayes

January 02, 2017

"Dismal Manager Performance"

- Upset&dissatisfied

We purchased our Element at Kuni Honda on Arapahoe new in 2005. We only used Kuni's service department for all maintenance & repairs for the past 11 years! As such we expected a high level of fairness and treatment by dealership employees. After our simple oil change turned into a lengthy oil gasket change out we left the car accepting the use of a Kuni loaner car while they completed work on our car. Late the same afternoon we received a call saying the work was completed, however it was to late for us to make it back to pick up our car. The following morning around 9 am my wife paid $860 to pick up our car. Upon arriving home our car reeked with the odor of burnt oil and the car was filthy. I called the Kuni Honda dealership asking to speak to the dealership manager; I was told only an operations manager was available but he didn't pick up the phone so I was forced to leave a message. In my message I explained I was calling with a complaint and it was inconvenient to be forced to leave messages just to play phone tag. While I was working later that morning I was disturbed by a call from a restricted number. I almost didn't answer the call because once working it's hard for me to refocus once disturbed. Thinking it was a business call from Washington D.C. because of the restricted number I answered the call. As it turned out it was Kuni Honda's operation manager calling me back on a restricted number from the dealership. I attempted to explain to this not so gentleman our frustration with our car smelling of burnt oil and car being filthy. I asked why the car wasn't washed and some of the oil cleaned up that would've prevented the burnt oil smell. He went on to tell me that the car wasn't washed because it was to cold out and the burnt smell results when oil spills. With as much patience as I could muster I attempted to explain to this "Manager" that customers who continue coming back over 11 years and who just spend $860 should be listened to and in most respectable businesses returning customers are always right; or should at least be treated that way. I couldn't complete my thought or finish with my complaint when this not so "Gentleman" went OFF hollering and telling me he didn't appreciate me leaving............. That's when I hung up the phone because I didn't pay to hear a manager raising his voice to me; I paid for a service I didn't receive. I immediately called the dealership manager, Brian, leaving him a message asking him to return my call upon his return. I have yet to receive a call back from the dealership manager. I had a simple concern; I wanted to discuss my concern with a dealership manager who should have been trained to handle simple complaints diplomatically. Unfortunately, this operations manager called yelling, bullying me and telling me what he didn't like. Sorry Mr. Manager, but I'm the customer and as long as I the customer don't yell or use profanity I'm permitted to be dissatisfied and voice my dissatisfaction or at least I should have been permitted too. I vote with my hard earned US dollars and there are many other auto repair facilities and Honda dealerships that would like me to spend my money with them. I will be calling Honda USA customer service @ 1-800-999-1009 to follow up with my complaint about you and your apparent lack of customer service training. I would like to share with the owner of Kuni Honda dealership I was very dissatisfied with your operations manager; dissatisfied with your dealership manager who couldn't be bothered to call me back and attempt to salvage our business relationship. I look forward to hearing what Honda USA will have to say to me. It can't be worse than how I've already been treated.

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Employees Worked With

John, Operations Manager, Brian Dealership Manager; both at Kuni Honda on Arapahoe Rd

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