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595 E Main Street, Cartersville, Georgia 30121
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Rita Barker, Administrative Assistant , Metro Kia

Rita Barker

Administrative Assistant
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June 22, 2017

"2017 Sportage"

- deesport

Our salesman Chris was very knowledgeable and helpful. He worked hard to find us the the Sportage that we wanted (All Wheel Drive). Helped us with the set ups of all the options and made sure we were happy with the vehicle. And gave us a full tank of gas!

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June 17, 2017

"Done what no one else would"

- Sandy Dover

I had been looking for a Kia Sedona van for 2 months. I am from Northwest Alabama. I had been to every dealer from Central Alabama to Franklin TN looking for a 2015-2017 certified pre-owned van. I had several salesman tell me they would find me one with no luck. I found one that I was interested in on Metros website. I called and talked with John initially and finally decided to try and purchase the van. Well, unfortunately the van sold by another salesman while we were checking to see if we could get it. Then I got a call from Scott Harris. He assured me he would find me a van, but I had heard that story before. The very next day, John called to let me know they had found me a van. Not only did they find me one, it was a year newer and had half the miles on it. And they worked it out for it to be in the budget we were needing. I made a 7 hour round trip drive to do business with these guys. They went above and beyond to take care of me and my family. Thankful for John and Scott.

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John Jones, Scott Harris, Darnell ?

March 14, 2017

"Run this place is AWFUL!!!"

- Laquita26

This has to be the WORST place to buy a vehicle EVER. I originally purchased my vehicle from Cobb County Kia which I had no problem what so ever and they were awesome! I highly recommend instead of these crooked dealership of Metro Kia. The only reason I was there was because my tire blew out and some how I let the salesman sucker me into trying to do a trade in, I told him I did not want my credit ran as I was rebuilding my credit at the time and the salesman told me it would only knock me down 1 point, well I have credit karma and I receive notifications when my credit is being ran and how many points I am being affected by, well with in 30 minutes these idiots ran my credit 5 to 6 times WITHOUT MY PERMISSION and ended up knocking my score down 20 POINTS!!!! I was Highly upset and informed the salesman and told him forget I need to go I had to get back to work and he told me to wait you have been approved and brought me keys and said wait for more minutes and I could go with my new car which turned into 5 HOURS!!!! Long story short I took this vehicle home and 3 days later I get a call saying the deal did not go through, why the xxxx would you give me this car knowing the deal did not go through!!!! By this time I had switched my insurance over and everything! Which caused me a great deal which I will not get into it so I had to return the vehicle after almost losing my job because they were being shady and not being honest about the deal, but come to find out I received a letter from the bank stating I was approved, what kind of shady mess were these guys doing!!??? The worst part is I type my name into google and see ALLL THESE FALSE REVIEWS IN MY NAME GIVING THE SALESMAN AND METRO KIA GREAT RATINGS WHICH ARE ALL LIES!!!!! THEY USED MY NAME AND MADE UP WORDS I DID NOT SAY AND CREATED A REVIEW IN MY NAME WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!!!! HOW SCREWED UP IS THAT!!!!! I would NEVER EVER EVER recommend Metro Kia Run away!!!!!

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