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18123 Rockside Rd, Bedford, Ohio 44146 Directions
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1 Review of Motorcars Volvo

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December 21, 2015

"I won't trust them again"

- rickfromNorthKY

I was interested in a 2011 Acura RDX (certified pre owned nonetheless) listed for $19,990 and contacted a salesman multiple times through phone and the company's instant messaging regarding my interest. I informed him that I was making a 4 hour drive from Kentucky and I wanted to make sure that the RDX would still be there and that it was as good as advertised on their site. He didn't guarantee that it wouldn't sell before I could make it there, but he did say the vehicle was in excellent condition and would sell fast. Trusting his word, I made the 4 hour trip. He had the vehicle waiting for me when I arrived but I immediately noticed things that weren't right. First, the hood was raised about 1/4" on one side and was flush on the other. He told me they could probably make an adjustment to fix the problem. Next, I noticed numerous tiny dents on the hood- probably between 5-10 in all. When I asked if that would be fixed, he responded by saying, "It would be too hard to fix and match the original paint. Its a used car. Its not going to be perfect." After getting off to a great start (insert sarcasm), he handed me the keys for a test drive. It was my first time in an RDX and it was a nice ride. After the drive, I looked on top of the roof and noticed more small dents and rust forming on two of them. He said that he wasn't as tall as me and, hence, was not aware of the rust. Again, he reminded me that this was a used vehicle. He said the body repair guys at the dealership could fix the spots that were rusting. Needless to say, I made the drive back to Northern Kentucky without purchasing the RDX and I won't be back to Motorcars Acura Volvo ever again. I'm not sure how this amount of body damage would be acceptable for Acura to certify the vehicle. Furthermore, I was able to see this damage within seconds of seeing the RDX. I find it hard to believe that no one at the dealership was aware of the issues that were conveniently kept from me before my trip. Thanks for the misleading information and wasting 9 hours of my day. Update- I decided to contact the dealership a few days later and asked a different salesperson about the condition of the vehicle. I specifically asked "no accidents? dents? rust?". Again, I was told the RDX is in good condition and there was no dents or rust. I told them how disappointed I was with their dealership and that I was lied to by a different salesman just days earlier.

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