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11858 Olive Blvd, Creve Coeur, Missouri 63141
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November 16, 2016

"Not one of my good experiences!"

- Newtostlouis

Had a consultation for new tires and had a really bad experience. Did my own research and found a sweet deal at another location in town. I was so happy and satisfied when all was done at the other place. Wont be going to this dealership again even though its near to me.

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October 11, 2016

"Horrible Service"

- mznici

My HORRIBLE experience is lengthy but I'll shorten it for the sake of character spaces. I made an appointment for a recall. Took my vehicle in and Plaza BMW NEVER ordered the parts (waste of time). Got an oil change to only find out that there was HEAVY OIL LEAKAGE at the O ring which caused an oil leakage on the engine and belts. Left 2 messages for the service manager Craig who never returned my calls. Went to the dealership in person to speak with Craig who advised me that since I provided a horrible survey to BMW about the service I received from Plaza BMW and allowed another dealership to correct the issue there's nothing Plaza BMW can do for me and if I like the service I've received from a different dealer then I'm more than welcome to go elsewhere. Spoke with The General Manager Jeff who stated he will refund the money I paid for the oil changes with them but he will not refund the $60.43 I paid to replace the defective part that Plaza BMW service put on my vehicle. Plaza BMW clearly doesn't value me as a customer and refuse to rectify issues they cause. The total owed to me is $264.90 and this dealership refuse to refund me. I have documentation provided to me by Plaza stating I need serveral repairs for my vehicle which one of the issues is the oil leak issue. I also have documentation from a different BMW service department that shows that the ONLY repair needed for my vehicle was the oil filter.

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September 23, 2016

"Horrible Customer Service !!! Don't service your BMW here !"

- Haris H.

The alignment on my BMW was off and it was pulling to the right So I decided to take it to my local dobbs tire center to get it aligned. They did the best they could but it wasn't to spec and they told to bring it back if it was still pulling. After a few days I had to bring it back because it was still pulling quite a bit on highway speeds. They refunded me my money and recommended I take it to BMW to get the alignment done there. So the next day I booked an appointment at Plaza BMW and my brother took the car in for me. When they finished the "alignment" Mark brought out the mechanic who did the alignment and he explained to my brother that they weren't able to do the allignement to spec because of the new front suspension. After I got home and drove the car I noticed that it was pulling more to the right after they got done with it than it did before. (After Dobbs had it done) now it wasn't only pulling at highway speeds but also at regular speed (35-45) I decided to take it back to them the following day and spoke to mark about it and I asked him to either do the allignement properly or refund me my money and I would take it to Autohaus BMW. He told me he couldn't issue a refund only the manager could but he would talk to the technician that worked on it. Few minutes went by and he brought the technician to the waiting area and he asked me if I had lowered the car to which I had replied no, and told him that I only replaced the suspension with an oem suspension ( which is the same thing as the BMW suspension ) just a thousand bucks cheaper because it doesn't have the fancy logo. All these BMW parts are manufactured in China nowadays anyways so it makes no difference whether you get them from BMW or your local autozone. I was pretty much at a roadblock Mark was very disinterested in solving this issue and pretty much walked away from me after the mechanic finished giving me his lame excuse as to why he couldn't fix it "this time". I told mark that this was redicilous and told him I would call his manager/supervisor Craig. I called Craig on Monday and left a voicemail to call me back. After not hearing from him the next day I decided to call again this time a service representative answered and told me that he was with a "customer" and that he would take my name & Number and have him call me back as soon as he finishes up. Again the day went by and no call from Craig so I decided that I should just go back to the Dealership directly and speak to him. He was the only one in service the morning when I came and I asked him to step out and talk to me. I explained the situation to him again and he told me to have a seat while he Talked to the mechanic. after 20 minutes Craig came back only to tell me that now my "rear suspension"was bad and that was the reason they couldn't do the allignment. At that point I realized I was just getting the runaround and that they weren't going to get the alignment right so I asked him to refund me the money since they didn't do the alignment properly. I had given them my spec sheet from dobbs that showed that they did a better job on the allignement than BMW did. Craig refused to refund me my money and I asked for my keys back and told him I would file a complaint with the GM. I called the GM and left a message with him to contact me. I will never step foot into Plaza BMW again. From now on I will get my BMW serviced only at west county BMW and Autohaus BMW where They still care about their customers. These guys are a complete joke, The only thing they are good at is taking your money !

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