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June 01, 2016

"Don't go to Plaza - Tried to Cheat me out of $6,000!!!"

- KRange

I had my Range Rover towed because the key would not turn in the ignition. I told the service advisor a tiny piece of plastic had gotten into ignition hole and threw the vehicle into "lock out" mode. Jason King, the advisor told me that it's probably steering column. He called me an hour late after they looked into it and said it would be $6200 for a new steering column. I told him that is not true and this is probably caused by plastic falling into ignition switch. I refused to get it repaired and got it towed home. I did some internet research and put my key in ignition and tapped it with a screwdriver and it started!!! Problem fixed!!! And to top it off...the service guys left my gear shift cover off exposing wiring. Their excuse was they didn't know it was getting towed. Wow!!! They tried to get me for $6200. Plaza has no ethics!!! Never take your car there. I'm going to make sure I post this story at work (Monsanto) and I might call Fox2 News. I still have a print out of the estimate for $6200.

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May 17, 2016

"Exceptional service"

- Chris Forsbach

Brett from Plaza was great. He found what we wanted, had it delivered, and made the entire process as easy as possible. This is the 2nd car we have purchased from Brett and both experiences have been phenomenal. He worked very hard to get what we wanted and was very approachable with questions and concerns. I would definitely recommend him to a friend or family.

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May 05, 2016

"From Good to Very Bad"

- Nancee

I purchased a BMW 6 series a couple of weeks ago. My experience in purchasing the vehicle was outstanding. The Salesman, Charles Smith was fair, professional, not pushy and probably one of the more pleasant purchasing experiences I've ever had. Part of my agreement was that Plaza would repair the scrape marks on all 4 of my wheels. I scheduled this repair about 2 weeks after my purchase. When dropping my car off for the repair, the service rep was very rude. He never introduced himself to me, and proceeded to be very business like. That's fine with me although I think very rude. He requested an IOU form that stated that this repair was owed to me. I produced every piece of paper the dealer had given me in the transaction and it was not there. I offered to go get my salesman to back me up but he wouldn't even acknowledge that I was talking. His actions made me think that he thought I was being dishonest. He had me follow him to the service desk, handed my paperwork to the girls there, turned his back and walked away. The girls were standing there not knowing what to do. I saw my salesman and he came over and assured them it was in my purchase agreement. Okay.... I figured maybe this gentleman was having a bad day. Next I had a young lady take me to my loaner vehicle. She never spoke to me other than to tell me to look the vehicle over for damage and to sign off on the paper saying there was no damage. I inspected the body of the vehicle, even pointed out a couple of mars that she said were safety tape. I didn't see anything and signed her from. I barely drove the car, basically putting it in my garage and driving it back the next day. When I returned this same young lady tells me there is wheel damage and I'm responsible. I know I didn't do it. I explained that I looked the car over but didn't inspect the wheels nor was I told to do so. But she and another man were insisting that I had damaged the car and I was responsible. Not giving any consideration that maybe she too didn't look at the wheels or that she didn't tell me to look there too. The Service Manager got involved and just point blank looked at me and said, you damaged our car. If I had knowingly damaged the car I would have been the one telling them and taking full responsibility. But I know I didn't bump up on a curb or have any type of situation that could have caused a scratch on the wheel. They weren't even nice about it. They just repeated themselves over and over saying you damaged our car. So, I asked what the damage was. They said $75. Two weeks earlier I had paid cash for my BMW so it wasn't the $75 or even had it been more, that was the issue. It was how I was treated. They made me feel in both scenarios that I was dishonest. They didn't say, we understand that maybe you didn't look a the wheels in the inspection or it could have been missed in their inspection. It was a hard, blatant accusation to my guilt. And for that, I feel there was no gratitude for my being a customer of that organization. And I had been a service customer for 9 years prior with my previous BMW. So I paid the sales manager $75 cash and left. Like I said, $75 is not the issue. But for $75. Plaza lost the following: All future car purchases (and we are purchasing a second car in the fall), all future service work (why would I put myself through that again?), my referrals (I'm a business owner and absolutely know the importance of referrals and gladly give them when they are deserved), and lastly, this review which I also know is important in building a positive reputation and brand. They lost my trust in a brand that up until this week I had always had great respect. That $75 sure was important to them. I hope they think it was worth it. Makes me wonder how often they do this to other customers and what other areas they put a measly $75 over the satisfaction of a good customer. I didn't ask for my $75 to be returned. I asked for an apology for embarrassing me, for making me feel like I was a criminal. Other than my salesman going to bat for me and striking out, I got nothing. My business, my referrals and my trust will from this point forward will be going to another BMW dealership in town.

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