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August 02, 2017


- Myfusion

My whole experience was wonderful at Preowned factory. Josh helped me find the perfect car for my needs and budget.i love my new fusion. Finance person was pretty helpful too.

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Josh Vincent

July 29, 2017

"Dream car found!"

- Lisbeth

My uncle has bought 3 cars from preowned factory. He suggested we pay a visit and it was the best decision I've ever made regarding cars! When we came in to look at cars, Steve walked us through the lot and helped us find the perfect car. Steve was very friendly and approachable. We came in to browse, and ended up buying an awesome car for a great price! I've never been so in love with a coupe. Super grateful for Steve's help. I'm amazed at how easy it was to get approved and go home with a new car. Now I have my dad checking the lot for cars, while sipping freshly ground coffee offered to us. These guys are great! No hassle, and unwarranted pushes to buy a car. We all know how annoying car dealers can be, but not these guys. They let us make our own choices with the perfect options. Will definitely buy from here again.

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Steven Elias

June 20, 2016

"Taken advantage of due to poor credit"

- Lndsy

The pre owned group takes advantage of people with poor credit. I went in 2 years ago and bought a Toyota. The asking price was $9000 but when we went to sign the paper work it said 11700. They finance manager told me that the price goes up because of my poor credit. I had to put a 1000 down which I was told goes right in the dealers pocket. I was assured that after 2 years I would be able to refinance or trade out of this car. Well it's been 2 years and I have been laughed out of every dealership because no one will give me even remotely what I still owe on this vehicle nor can I refinance because the car is to old. Basically I am stuck paying for this car with a ridiculous rate and no chance of trading out. I am so disappointed with Tasca. I went here because all I heard were good things but at the the end of the day it was probably the worst financial mistake I have ever made!

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