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June 20, 2016

"Taken advantage of due to poor credit"

- Lndsy

The pre owned group takes advantage of people with poor credit. I went in 2 years ago and bought a Toyota. The asking price was $9000 but when we went to sign the paper work it said 11700. They finance manager told me that the price goes up because of my poor credit. I had to put a 1000 down which I was told goes right in the dealers pocket. I was assured that after 2 years I would be able to refinance or trade out of this car. Well it's been 2 years and I have been laughed out of every dealership because no one will give me even remotely what I still owe on this vehicle nor can I refinance because the car is to old. Basically I am stuck paying for this car with a ridiculous rate and no chance of trading out. I am so disappointed with Tasca. I went here because all I heard were good things but at the the end of the day it was probably the worst financial mistake I have ever made!

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March 29, 2016

"Started off OK, then got worse "

- Brandon Correia

It all started when I was emailing back and forth with the internet salesman (Alexandor) about a 2006 mazda6 I was interested in. He was very helpful and helped me make an appointment to look at the vehicle and told me to ask for Frank when I arrived. My appointment was at 4:30, I stood there for a half hour INSIDE the dealer before somebody finally asked me if I needed help. When I was able to talk to Frank he gave me the keys and I looked at the car while he helped someone else. The car was not a bad car, seemed to be in good shape body wise. I went to start the car and it took a second to turn over because there was almost nothing in the gas tank at all, the needle didn't move when I turned it on. I know that dealers don't keep a lot of gas in their cars but they usually have a quarter tank or so for test drive reasons, so I felt uneasy about that. Then I noticed that the small storage compartment above the radio was damaged and needed a new cover, which was not shown in the pictures online. What really threw me off was the glove box, when I opened it I saw and unused drink straw and several dirty napkins that someone had left behind. Really? Dirty napkins in the glove box? Completely unacceptable from my point of view. After seeing all of this I lost interest in the car (obviously) and went to talk to Frank about it. We went over what I saw and how I felt about it and he claimed he knew nothing about any of it (dirty napkins, broken cover, no gas etc.) and continued to try and sell me the car regardless of the issues. Long story short, when you buy a vehicle, you should feel 100% comfortable with the dealer you are buying it from, and I did NOT feel comfortable at all. I'm still looking for a car but I will not be buying from them and I don't recommend that you don't either.

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January 31, 2016

"7000 bucks for utter scrap"

- MagicGibbs

I went down to pre owned to look at a Chrysler 300c. I'm greeted by a shady salesman and we go over and look at the Chrysler. Driver side mirror damaged, sun visor is hanging due to a broken clip and a few other minor cosmetic issues. So I figure hey, I'll talk him down. We go inside and I get it lowered from 7995 to 6700, I'm thinking, cool, I can replace those simple pieces myself for cheap, let's take it for a test drive. He goes and grabs the car and pulls it out front. The car is smoking more then just exhaust fumes on a cold day. I go out side before he can get out of the vehicle and ask him to rev it up. The car starts spewing out dark grey and blue smoke. Obviously it's gotta blown head gasket or something along those lines. Are you really gonna try and sell someone a car with a blown head gasket for 7 grand? Come on really?! I would steer clear of these scammers.

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Shady salesman

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