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Top Reviewed Employees

Mae N. Naber, Sales Consultant, Ramsey Nissan

Mae N. Naber

Sales Consultant
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Chingis Mindin, Finance Manager, Ramsey Nissan

Chingis Mindin

Finance Manager
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Jorge Prado, Sales Consultant, Ramsey Nissan

Jorge Prado

Sales Consultant
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Alex Meza, Sales Consultant, Ramsey Nissan

Alex Meza

Sales Consultant
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Latest Reviews

May 03, 2017

"my experience buying a pre-owned car here"

- neinnein_nein

I bought a Volkswagen GTI 2011 here about a month a go. The salesperson, Alex, was amicable and although the car didn't have all the options listed in the ad (the features lists in ads you see on autotraders are apparently auto-generated by VIN number and dealers don't take responsibility for what's on there, I'm told), we decided to go for it. They are very stiff on the posted prices, in our experience. When it came to New York state inspection of the car, we realized the brakes on the car weren't new as we were told by the seller, and it took a lot of arguing over the phone with people at the dealership and an account of our experience on here, but eventually mr Jay Dichio reached out to us and solved the issue in a very professional matter. In the end, overall ok experience, but some notes: - be very patient and take time to demand that any and every promise/claim made by the seller is on paper before you pay for the car. this can save a lot of time and trouble as we have learned. - if you want to go for the $350 a year allstate wheel protection insurance they sell you, keep in mind that if you don't really need and you want to cancel, you have to write a letter and it takes 6 weeks. - if you care about how you spend your money, read the bill of sale carefully and check every single thing you are being charged for. as you may not be used to if you usually buy cars from individuals or used car lots, dealerships charge detailing fees, maintenance fees and other things that can seem like they are just part of state taxes but aren't. - especially if the car isn't a Nissan, check the maintenance job the best you can. Although they supposedly spent 2000$ on the car that was sold to us, the coolant level was well below minimum.. good luck!

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April 29, 2017

"My New Maxima!!"


I have been a loyal Ramsey Nissan customer for many years and when it was time to lease a new vehicle, I knew where to go. I have worked with Samir Aly through out the years and have never been disappointed. The entire process was easy, from deciding what vehicle I would be purchasing to getting the best value. I can not recommend this dealership and especially Samir high enough. I send all my family and friend to see Samir when they are shopping for a new vehicle and they too have always been very happy with the entire experience.

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Employees Worked With

Samir Aly

April 22, 2017

"Service Center riip-off"

- wds

About a month ago my wife went to this dealership because our Nissan Rouge had a problem with the alarm system (I was out of town). I guess they knew she was not familiar with the car and they told her to leave it and they would get back to her shortly. 4 hours later she called and they said they had not got to the car yet. After 7 hours she told them she really needed the car that evening - they said they would call her back. In 5 minutes they called her and said they cannot do anything since the alarm was not factory installed. When she came to pickup the car she was surprised at a $130 charge. They informed her that was the minimum charge and refused to negotiate or explain the charge . She wrote a letter to them and its been 3 weeks and they have not had the courtesy to even respond. Beware -- This dealership will rip you off !!

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Employees Worked With

Jennifer Van FL

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