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Summit Ford Lincoln

305 Grant Ave., Auburn, New York 13021
Sales: (315) 252-7255

Makes: Ford|Lincoln|Service Center
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Summit Ford Lincoln
1 Lifetime Review
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"I found this dealership pushy, sneaky, and downright..."

I found this dealership pushy, sneaky, and downright rude. I have tried to give this dealership many opportunities to gain my trust since it is in a very convenient location for me, however they have failed me every time. I have also had family members and close friends that have also had very negative experiences as well. For example I walked around looking at vehicles for 35+ minutes on one occasion and every sales representative just stood there talking to each other and couldn't care less about me. I even walked up to a group of them and asked if they had any 2010 Mustang brochures, there response was "nope" and they kept right on talking to each other. On another occasion I stopped on while running errands and asked one of the sales associates if they had any 2010 brochures. He said sure which vehicle are you interested in, I responded by saying that I'd like to get a few, one for the 2010 Mustang the 2010 Taurus, and the 2010 F-150. He responded by asking why I wanted so many. I told him that I'm interested in the Mustang but I also like to collect brochures. He then told me that he can't give me any because they can't give out brochures to people that collect them. On yet another occasion my mother brought her older model Explorer for some routine maintenance. After an hour or so they came out and gave her some b.s about how the trailer wiring was aftermarket and that it needed replaced and it would cost over $400 dollars. (The trailer lights worked fine). My mother thought it was a serious repair that needed to be done since she doesn't know alot about vehicles, well Mr. Don Leather decided he would try to pressure her into buying a new Explorer by telling her that hers was about dead and that it wouldn't last much longer. After another hour or so my mother called me CRYING! I got there and explained everything to my mom. We told them to take it off of the lift and we left. The Explorer ran good for another 50,000 miles until we sold it with over 150,000. One final example, My Father was shopping for a used Taurus in 2008. He find one that he really liked, a 2003 with ultra low miles, it was fully loaded and was exactly what he wanted. However, Mr. Don Leather again, (he must be the only working salesman) talked him out of that, and talked him into a 2007 ex-rental Taurus that was/is poorly equipped and has given him nothing but trouble since he purchased it. As he was discussing the purchase agreement he asked Mr. Don Leather what his monthly payment would be and mr leather told him to just sign the papers and they would figure that out for him later! How ridiculous! So after arguing with him about how he wasn't signing the paper until he knew his payment, Don made it seem like it was a huge deal that he had to do it, and after leaving for 20 minutes he finally came back and told him what they payment would be, it was a little high, but acceptable. So, in summary, I wouldn't recommend anybody visit H and L Ford of Auburn, Ny. There business practices are despicable.


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