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Tamiko Johnson
"Everything was OK at the beginning except having financial issues to where they want to take car back how can you drive a car off lot without finance going through. Just a big headache"
"This is my first new car purchase. I was waiting for the car to show up to the dealership for about a year, not the dealerships fault it was a delay by the manufacturer. Jorge put me on the list for the car and mentioned to me I was the first one on the list. After the extensive wait the list grew tremendously. As soon as the car arrived I was given a call just like I was promised from day one. I went and I picked up the car with no problems the staff worked extremely hard to make sure this was easy for me. It was my first time purchasing a new car so I had a lot of questions. All of the staff did everything possible to help me understand what I was doing. The answered all of my questions extensively and thoroughly. They were very knowledgeable in what they do. Many of the other dealerships were charging over MSRP for the car. They did not do that for me because that would've swayed me from buying the car. I will be returning to this dealership for future purchases and I will be recommending my friends to this dealership for their purchases. The staff at this dealership practice good business and honest business and that is a key factor I look for in any company I am purchasing from. It seems like a family here, I look forward to working with this dealership for the years to come. "