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Alfa Romeo Dealer Reviews

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"Excellent service,friendly people. It's always a pleasant experience! Props to Lei at the service counter and to Kimo and Bob the service reps! I just wish the interior surfaces of my vehicle were cleaner..."
"Like most car buyers, I walked into the Toyota dealership filled with skepticism-- a feeling borne from the past experiences I've encountered while purchasing cars that ranged from old time classics, to modern luxury. The cars themselves are not what turns me, and most of my fellow consumers off; instead, it is the high pressure salesman that invoke a pure sense of distrust with the buyer. I entered Toyota prepared to hear all the tricks in the book, which all lead to a bigger commission for the salesman, but leaving a gaping hole in the buyers wallet. After spending ten minutes with Oliver, all of my cynicism was gone. Oliver is knowledgeable, patient, but most importantly, GENUINE. He took his time to listen to my concerns, and was able to find a car that matched my needs. Oliver did not try and sell me overpriced, but unnecessary packages. Instead, he was more focused on what was important to me, and continued to reassure and guide me along the way. Car salesman are known to have a bad wrap due to high pressure sales tactics. Oliver Buckle is like no salesman I have ever met, and he should be the poster man for the industry, should it try and make a comeback in regaining the consumers trust. I fully and wholeheartedly recommend Oliver Buckle, a salesman you can trust!!"