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"This was an absolute embarrassing experience. I called to schedule an oil change, the guy on the phone asked if he could drop his name to sell my company some sort of product...? Upon showing up 5 minutes early on the service drive, I did not have anyone greet me for 11 minutes, so I walked inside and had to search for someone to finally help me. While waiting, I decided to check out the showroom to kill some time, until an assistant sales manager asked, "What are you here for?" He didn't shake my hand or ask for my name, but he felt like it was necessary to spit out his sales "accolades" for no reason and gave me a card to call him when I'm ready.. Overall, they did not do anything right from a customer service experience point of view. "
"Sherman did a great job of helping find the vehicle I needed. Very professional and didn't put any pressure on me to buy anything. He helped me to get into a vehicle that accommodates me and my family and went above and beyond to help me in anyway needed."