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Marc Allen Brown
"Eyal has been great from purchase to present with his outstanding customer service! He does a outstanding job of making anything you may need at Ferrari Maserati move along so seamlessly. Marc Allen Brown"
3 days ago
"I decided to treat myself to a Maserati as my second car. I did not need a car so this was more like a gift to myself. I was in contact with four different dealerships. I explained my situation and what I was looking for. It was at that point that I had the good fortune to speak with Peter Chan at Thompson Maserati of Doylestown. Peter's focus appeared to be more on my needs as opposed to how much profit he could make. Of all the offers that I received his was the best. When I did not contact the other dealerships they started calling me back and then all of a sudden they had better deals to offer me. All of which, I might add, were still not as good as the one from Thompson. Some of the dealerships had their managers and then general managers calling me to sway me back. I appreciate if someone has to hold firm to a price but it was apparent to me that the other dealerships only lowered their price after I said I was going somewhere else which in essence means their concerne was with their own pocket rather than customer needs. This speaks volumes to me as to the integrity of Peter Chan and the Thompson dealership. At that point even if the Thompson price was a bit higher I would not have switched. For me it is the integrity that means more than the price so I would have stayed with Peter's deal. There was no negotiation because the price was fair. I was kept in the loop with every step and got the car that I wanted, which did not take him long. Meeting Peter for the first time was a wonderful experience. He took the time to explain everything in detail with me and everything he told me on the phone, regarding pricing, was all on paper. There were no hidden costs or last minute monies needed. My daughter and I went to pick up the car and also had the chance to meet Lee, the general manager who also afforded us an extremely pleasant experience. After obtaining the Maserati I wanted to ask Peter something so I called on a Sunday morning and expected to get voice mail so that I could leave him a message. Low and behold he answered his phone. Now that is customer service. I was treated as if I was the owner of Thompson Maserati which was genuine. I have been in contact with Peter for just some general information and he always gives me the time and answers all of my questions (after the sale). Another great feature of Thompson Maserati is that they offer two years of free maintenance. This alone can save one quite a bit of money. All in all I had a wonderful experience. Peter I want to thank you for making my experience so pleasant and smooth. When it comes to buying and or leasing a Maserati I would not recommend anyone other than Thompson. "