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"I have driven over 50 miles for the last 4 years to get my 2006 GranSport serviced at Criswell, The last two years have been the best since Scott Oliver arrived. He gives me such personal attention when I bring my car in. He always discusses service needs in detail and makes cost-conscious recommendations. He makes sure Robert Fox lets me look at the car with him and explains any service needs and any questions I have. I have never had such personalized service. I feel like the three of us are a team working to do what is best for my automobile! I recommend Criswell Maserati to any one who has a Maserati in Baltimore. It is worth the drive for the quality and caring service Scott and his team provide."
3 days ago
"Mirsonia treated us with great hospitality and enabled us to take our time to make the right decision, with zero pressure. Will recommend this dealership. A+!"