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"I drove by on a whim, they had a car I was interested in. Negotiation was quick over the course of a 2 days. I got a great deal on the new car, great deal on my trade, Victor was nice enough to get my car set up, got information proactively so the paperwork was ready when I came in. Victor knew the car and did the legwork to make the transaction run smoothly. Robbie did the finance work and it was the quickest I have ever had, very organized and thorough."
2 days ago
"I saw a pre owned Maserati GT on the Wilde lot on a Sunday. I called Zac Monday morning to ask a few questions and to agree on a price. When i arrived he introduced me to Ken, we test drove the car, he then promptly handled all of the paperwork and had the car cleaned and detailed, Ken went out of his way to access service records for me and to get an additional key. Ken even took the time to deliver my other car to my home for me! The entire buying process took probably 2 1/2 hours, Everyone that I met at Wilde was friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. They even watched my little Maltese for me while I was back in service! Beautiful car and a great experience, thanks to everyone!"