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George Lambert
4 days ago
"I had a light come on that indicates I had a low tire. When I checked the pressure, none of the tires showed very much divination at all. When I went in to pay my bill, there was no indication of any of the tires being lower than any of the others. If this should happen again I won't know if I have a slow leak or it was another tire."
5 days ago
"Simple -- I do not do business with people I don't like. Oscar Restrepo and Lyman King were great. No pressure, just good discussions on attributes of the car and what they can do for me to make the deal right. If any car they have is the one for you, these are good people to work with. I've never used free dealer car washes before, but I do now. It's just another excuse to get into my Quattroporte and listen to that incredible sound. Maybe they could have located farther away from my homeā€¦"