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"I've bought several cars from Criswell over the years and their customer service has always been excellent. This was my first experience with their Maserati service (2012 GTS) and it was exceptional - just what one would expect when you own a Maserati. Scott Oliver, whom I met at a car event, went out of his way to accommodate my circumstances. They performed the service as requested, checked out the whole car, and the price was well below my expectations -- not the typical high priced service you get at other Maserati dealers in the area. They even detailed the car before returning it to me! Keep up the great work!"
"These guys really know what they are doing. I drove from Virginia because they have a huuuuuge inventory. Any color I wanted was there. They have a selection that nobody else has. I shopped NY, NJ, FL and up and down the east coast but these guys had it all. Then when I came to the dealership, they were very welcoming, warm and always were attentive. I met the service manager along with everyone in sales. These guys are not your typical car sales guys. I got a good deal, good value for my trade and now I am driving in my new Ghibli. Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity. I will recommend them to anyone who is looking at a luxury car. Oh and I love my Ghibli too!"