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3 days ago
"For the record, I am young but I am also a Director/Administrator and the owner/operator of my own consulting firm. My youth can be deceiving and it helps me see the true colors of the salesmen/women I encounter. After some horrible experiences from other dealerships (Nissan, BMW) and lackluster ones (Porsche, Mas/Ferrari in Edison), I decided to try out Mas in Manhattan. Yes there is a Mas in NJ but I felt the Mas in Edison lost interest when I suggested pre-owned stock. Never bothered to discuss why but was quick to say they don't have much of those in stock there. I was left to look around at the pre-owned collection of Mercs and Ferraris in the showroom. Not quite what I imagined when thinking of service at an exotic/super car level. Even at my local Lexus, they would not negotiate the price for any F-spec models until they run a credit check. I liked the salesman, the manager probably needed a learning experience. Thus, the silence after they found out I bought a new Maserati GT-S....priceless. A friend bought his GT-S in Manhattan and had a good experience so I gave it a shot. At Maserati of Manhattan, I was greeted promptly and I had a couple people attending to my questions and concerns. At first I planned on a pre-owned since I was new to the Maserati brand and wanted to give it a try but I saw the Rosso Trionfale w/ CF and that's was it. The only one available New. They took care of the paperwork and phone calls as I relaxed and browsed around their collection. Note: I live in NJ so buying from out of state you will still be subject to make a quick stop into the DMV for an "inspection" for NJ reg. Don't worry, the DMV workers were so paranoid about even smudging the car I drove it through to the end just so they can slap an inspection sticker on it and that's all. Otherwise, the car arrived to home via canopied flat bed, not a scratch and clean as a whistle. I am satisfied with my experience at this facility and I understand this auto group may have also expanded to one or two other locations (midtown and @ Englewood,NJ?). I would buy again from them. "
Clifford Akpan
3 days ago
"Worked with Mr. Louis towards my new car purchase. he was very helpful and even delivered my car to my home at no cost to us"