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" I was treated as a professional, The team answered all of my questions, help to find the car that I wanted , and communicated with me during the entire process. They made this one of the better car buying experience I have had in a very long time. I have purchased cars from many dealerships, and this is the first one I would actually go back to and purchase !! I love my new Maserati quattroporte!!! Thanks mike and Larry for the great job!! Will see you soon Antonio Spadaro, Ciao!!! "
"It was time to get rid of our CLS550 and drove many cars (MB CLS550, Jaguar XF-R, Audi A7, Porsche Panamera) and wanted to drive a Maserati, I always wanted one. After walking into the dealership I was greeted by Jeff Enderle and he was very helpful. We asked questions, he answered, we drove one and he answered more questions. When we decided we liked the car and were ready to talk money, Jeff introduced me to David and the three of us chatted. It was really quite simple. went thru options, choices, etc and came to an agreement on numbers. I am not one for making split second decisions on large purchases so I expressed to them that I wanted a day or two to review the contract , pricing etc and do some additional research. They said "sure, take all the contracts home and let us know". What? did I hear that correctly? Basically their philosophy was one that "no one needs a Maserati or a Ferrari, they want one, and its a great thing and should be an enjoyable experience..." Well, I did not tell them at the time, but that sealed the deal for me. Two days later I picked up the car and absolutely love it and the experience. When I get ready to get upgrade my other CLS 550 I will be back to look at that Quattroporte which absolutely stole my heart. Overall, one of the best experiences I have had purchasing a car, Jeff , David, Mike and the whole team there were fantastic! You cant go wrong with the team at Boardwalk !"