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Ray Pisney
"After 40+ years of purchasing new vehicles I can say that this was the highest and best buyer experience for me ever! The sales representative Karifa Mara was highly knowledgeable and capable and he wasted no time getting the sales job completed. What a delight to deal with someone who wanted to satisfy his customer! The auto industry needs more professionals like him!! A great thank you to Karifa, his finance manager and the entire staff at Criswell Masererati--you haven't encountered world-class customer service until you've dealt with Criswell!! "
"Very professional car enthusiast. Have bought several cars from Fred. He knows the ins and outs of these exotic vehicles. He will get you into the best car for you and your needs. No pressure...bc he knows that when he gets you into the right car, you'll be back again. Furthermore, if you find anything wrong with your vehicle they are more than happy to accommodate."