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"Shaun Robinson handled the repair of my McLaren 570 perfectly. He kept me posted on the repair with continual updates and real time photos. When I picked up the car it was in better condition that when it was new. He went through it from top to bottom and corrected several things that were over looked when the car was assembled from new. He took me on a tour of the shop and showed me all the repair stations. This shop is stare of the art with the best of the best equipment and technicians that really know cars and how to fix them right the first time. I have used many body shops over the years and I would recommend this to shop to anyone especially good friends and family."
Andy B
2 days ago
"Paul Flores has been my service contact at Glendale Toyota for many year. His professional approach to my service needs and resolve issues is top notch. He Is always polite in his conversations. He is an asset to Glendale Toylota as well as the community. Andy B."