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5 days ago
"Jenn has given me great service time and again! it has been awhile but look forward to the next service! My F1 awaits a visit to her service Bay once again."
5 days ago
"After buying my first CPO MB from another MB dealer, I was experiencing serious exhaust problem with the car. Talked to customer service @ MB Sacramento; very friendly, accommodative, and scheduled me right away. Sean @ MB Sacramento dealership was very professional and friendly service advisor; kept me abreast on the car problem identified and repair progress. Shuttle driver was very friendly and courteous as well. After the service, the technician sent me a thank you card for using their services. By the way, the repair was covered under CPO warranty. On the other side, I was surprised to see that no complimentary coffee or drinks were available; which is pretty normal and common at other dealerships. "