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"Got 2012 MPC4-12C in April 2015. I have been trying to get this baby from several dealerships. The price here is great. The service is amazing. The whole experience is simple, straightforward, fast and easy. Both Mark and Richie was very genuine, not like any car buying experience that anyone usually have."
"Life is short and if your looking to check off your bucket list an experience of a life time purchase a Mclaren, our salesman listened to our request and our limit, he worked to find the car of our dreams a 2012 MP4-12C will less than 3000 miles and found that car at the price limit we requested. In the last 2 weeks we doubled the mileage and will triple it before our return from our west coast dream cruise. I can assure them we will be back someday for another bucket list check mark. Jack Houpe"