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"I recently bought a McLaren MP4-12C from them. Couldn't be happier with the service. I traveled from California to buy this car. Negotiated the deal prior to visiting the dealership. Bart and Brandon were amazingly great to deal with. They sent pics, got me all the info I requested, sent records, etc. We went through all the details prior to my visiting the dealership and inspecting and driving the car. Bart's attention to detail was very impressive. I've bought many exotic cars from all over the US and this was the best experience I've had. When I got there, they took good care of me all the way through the sale. They delivered everything they said they would. Car arrived in excellent condition and it only took 3 days to get across the country. "
"If I could give this dealership and its affiliates a less than zero I would! I have bought well over 30 cars and 50 motorcycles over the last 16 years and I have never been so scammed in my life! I believed everything they told me and bought what was suppose to be a perfect mclaren mp4-12c coupe for $170,000...after they took an entire month to ship me the car I received it and it was leaking oil in which I called and told the dealership, they told me "they are sorry for my bad luck" and that "they are not responsible" I brought it to Miller motor car and was given an estimate of nearly 30,000 dollars to fix the broken car brickell shipped me! I'm a hard working normal guy that can afford to take a hit like this..they lied and scammed me out of 179,000 after tax and left me with all the headaches, money out of pocket to transport the car and also a 30,000 dollar bill...do yourself a favor and never buy anything from these scam artist."