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"My wife and I did a search online for a particular car on a Sunday. We visited the dealer and met with Tim C. Asked about the car, took it for a test drive. Was exactly what we were looking for! We made the deal with Tim and had all the paperwork signed within about 2 hours. Tim delivered the car to us (out of state) a few days later and had all the paperwork done and ready for the RMV. Thank you Tim for a no hassle experience!"
"BEWARE - Shady business tactics I made a best offer on a 911 Turbo S on eBay which they accepted. I was speaking to a salesman who gave me numbers for my trade in. Everything was acceptable so I sent in my credit application. After not hearing back for 4-5 days I called to ask what the problem was. Turns out the sales person ( Andrej ) had gone on vacation and not told anyone about our in-progress deal. The next day the finance manager calls with numbers from the bank which had high monthly payments ( low rates ). I asked what values they put on the cars. They had put +$7500 on the Porsche value, and took away -$3000 on my McLaren trade in. I told him these were very incorrect and he had another sales person call me. He explained the sales person who gave me the numbers was not authorized to do so, and that the Porsche was on consignment and they hadn't even called the owner yet. They said the lowest they could go is $85k on the Porsche and no higher on the trade in value already discussed. $3000 off from what I was offered originally, BEFORE my credit was run ( and dinged for the new inquiry ). It's VERY unprofessional to renege on a deal which your employee had already made. Especially after you already had run the finance application and got the numbers from the bank. I slightly feel they changed the numbers after the credit app because they saw I could afford more? I'm not sure, but the whole process was unacceptable when dealing with cars at this caliber. I submitted screenshots of the conversations on Google Reviews if you care to look. You've been warned."