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"I thought I knew what was wrong with my car and brought it in, after the service dept. looked it over it turns out it was something totally different and though I insisted I knew what was wrong you didn't upsell me something I didn't need. that is something that means something to someone who grew up not so well off financially, who saved up to get a car that no one in my neighborhood back in the day had, a car that said "Hey I made something of myself and now can afford to treat myself a little better than I had growing up. You, not even knowing my past and how I feel about my car did everything to give me the experience that when I was growing up only happened on TV to people in the 6 figure range. the loaner car you gave me to drive while you babied my baby was only 600 miles old, and when I drove it to work turned heads and garnered me many compliments. Also after you fixed the primary problem with my car, to my surprise you also fixed the problem causing my engine check light to come on, which when I asked about it on a previous visit was told it would cost my money I didn't have. THANKS GUYS. You have a customer for life."
"Chris was great. Quick and easy transaction. Description of car was spot on. Chris made sale quick and harmless. Loved driving the car home. Recommend Chris if you ever decide to buy a car here. Great selection and prices. "