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"Picked up a new MB 2016 c300. Worked with Juan and he provided all the attention and details to find the right car for me! "
"On the whole the Sales Associate Tim Snider was really great. He knew his product and took the time to show me the differences and options of the cars I was looking at. When I took the car for drive I knew instantly that this is what I wanted. I offered to put a deposit to hold the car for a day. Tim he was told that he could not take a deposit by manager and asked if I would like to take the car home for a couple hours to drive and show wife. I said sure. We did the paper work and he went to get the car. When he came around with the car another salesman came out and said hold on, " I want to show my customer the car before you leave", In fact the other customer wanted to take it for a drive. Which she did. In the mean time I went to the Sales Manager and asked now what? He had an Identical car 2 years newer and a bit higher. In my mind I thought was a good option as well, if she decided to take it.. 15 minutes later they returned and handed me the keys and I drove off. On the road and about 15 minutes later I got a call from Tim saying that the customer was still talking to the other sales man about the car. Mind you I was half way back home. I asked if he wanted me to bring it back. He was very uncomfortable asking so I figured the Sales Manager had put him up to it. I didn't want to put out Tim so I offered to turn around and return it. By the time I got back it turns out the other customer was not interested in the car at all. Kind of knew there would be a bit of a haggling done. However I expected to be able to meet somewhere in the middle, after all it is all negotiable. I asked for 1000.00 off the price and 6000.for my trade. high retail for my trade according to NADA was about 9700.00. mine was not perfect but I expected that mine would fetch at least 8500.00 if I sold it myself. I purchased this roadster brand new in 2006. I figured that 6000. was fair and in my mind I would have taken 5000.00. The manager low balled me at 4000.00. and said no discount on the price of the car. Kind of insulting. So my one final counter was 500.00 of asking price 5500.00 for trade and additional 6000.00 down payment. I told them if they could not do it then maybe this is not the right car for me. Keep in mind I was prequalified and had plenty of cash. The answer back was full price of car and 5500 for trade. I said no thank you and asked for my keys t my car. As I walked towards the door that is when the scrum began. I was surrounded by the crew with comments like, 'come on take the deal", "its great deal" , "Whats holding you back"...and so on. Really disappointing to see them take that kind of "Auto Mall " cheap tactic. I said sorry no hard feeling I will continue my search and off I went. Please know that through this whole ordeal Tim remained professional. I expected a phone call on the way home. The Sales Manager left a message, something to the effect., " I am really regretting taking that deal, probably like your regretting driving home with a car that doesn't have blue tooth and you cant answer my call. So please call me back and lets make a deal". REALLY, did he just take a verbal jab at me about no blue tooth. Wow, un-believable. So when I got home and grabbed a drink to calm down I called him back. He said I can make this work come back and he would take the deal. I said, " I was not interested in the deal anymore and that it was a very unprofessional comment and I expected more from a Mercedes Benz dealer. He will have to explain to his sales man why I am not coming back because of his comment. Thank you". He paused and then apologized. That was all I really needed actually, but I wasn't done there. we got back to the deal and I said if you really want to make it right, bring the contract, bring the car, and I will sign. I wasn't going to waste any more calories on a deal that over the course of the time I got the car took more than 7 hours. If he had just taken the fair deal originally I would have been in and out in less than two. So ridiculous. Anyway, love the car, Tim was great, and just maybe that Sales Manager will appreciate a good deal when it comes. As the old saying goes, " a bird in the hand is worth more than two in the bush". That Auto Mall BS, doesn't cut it for most people anymore. Tim, 5 stars. Sales Manager 1 star (only because he apologized) Julian Hernandez Sales Manager, Riverview International Trucks, LLC "