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"This was not my first car buying experience by far. I am trying to get that fresh start after a divorce and decided to give them a try to help. I was kept in the dark about what cars were available for the financing program. I kept asking what I had to chose from, and they kept telling me it depended on my amount approved for. This never even produced a list of vehicles on the program. I spent 3 hours at the dealer on the first day, and this was the beginning of the down-slide of their service. There were 3 salesmen hovering over me at this point, yet not one of them could answer any of my questions regarding what vehicles were for me. This should have been my first clue. DAY 2... I got there at 11 am and sit there for over an hour before anyone acknowledged me beyond a a nod or hello. The excuse I kept getting later was sorry, we were so busy. The salesman (who was obviously new, and didn't care about his job) kept walking around "looking busy" and not doing anything. The sales manager, was constantly having to redirect this salesman back to the tasks. The program manager, was to busy to even "recognize me" from the day before when he was hovering over me. After an hour, another salesman came to me and informed me that he was transferred to being my salesman now, and said he would be with me shortly. It wasn't until 5 pm that I was finally shown a small selection of cars hand picked for me. 3 to be exact, 1 of which they couldn't find. My test drive consisted of a whole 2 mile round trip. Finally around 6 I started getting rushed through as if they wanted to seal the deal before they closed. This was worse than being ignored. Before I knew it, THEY picked which car I was getting, had my contract printed, and was asking me to start signing papers. I didn't know how much this was going to cost, how long, or even how much my payments were. The payments were no where near my requested amount they PROMISED they could get me into. it was almost double. Now that I have bought a car with them, it seems they have forgotten me, and don't care about fulfilling their service agreement. It has a noise in the transmission (which they tried to BS me into the idea there was an altoids mint can lodged in the engine somewhere) and couldn't reach it. UMMM this tells me they don't care. When I complained about the brakes, they told me to just drive on them and it will be okay. When I told them about the water standing in the trunk, it was written off as how the car was parked on their lot. This car is a lemon and I regret that I have done business with them. If I wouldn't have asked about the disabling device, the warranty, or the terms of the contract, then I would not have been informed. Terrible service indeed. There was a $25 dollar gift card giveaway at the time and I never even received it. After purchase, I was informed the following day, I needed to drive back for more info they needed due to their rush to get me out of there with a purchase. I thought that Harbor Nissan would have been a better choice than some of these buy here places you see all over. Guess I was wrong. Never again will I use this dealer. Never will I ever send anyone here either. "
Carolyn Daniel
"Really felt the sales person I had was all about the sale. Did not feel a connection at all with him He even said he needed to sell me a car so he could get his bonus which really rubbed me wrong. Waiting a extremely long time waiting on the "deal" and too too long of time to finalize the deal. Felt the company was more about making their numbers for the month (since it was the end of the month). The truth will come out if they come thru with all the promises they made during the sale."