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"Wheel sensor damaged during accident, but my insurance company insists the accident was unrelated, Isaac in particular was very helpful, although we couldn't convince them to cover repair so I elected not to fix it for now. I am still arguing with my insurance company, but the sensor is not crucial to the operation of the car, so I may just leave it for you to fix when I trade the car in later this year for a new one. Isaac was great and please tell him I'm sorry if I was a pain-in-the-@$$! Todd Gilmore (Beverle's son)"
"We recently purchased our vehicle from Kelly Ford on yesterday. The staff was very courteous to us from the time we entered the property until departure. Harold was very instrumental in helping us through the process of purchasing our new vehicle, answering all questions and giving us a detail tour on the properties of the vehicle. Curtis was also very helpful going over special details and features of the car. Overall, this was the best experience we have ever had purchasing a car. Sandra was very helpful in making sure we had a smooth financial transaction. Thank you Harold Paquet, Curtis Merriam, Sandra Smith and to all the staff at Kelly Ford. Really enjoying the new ride. Walter and Alice"