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"I recently called the service department to bring in my Ram SRT 10, and the person who took the call right off the back stated that they have so many cars in right now that my truck wouldn't get looked at till the middle of the week? It's almost like they would rather me go some where else, he said it would be better to take it to a preformance shop."
"I have had 10 years of outstanding experience with the Avondale Dodge Service Department. They have always taken great care to ensure my Viper service needs were met promptly and with complete satisfaction before I left the Dealership. Robert Carter and JR Rodriguez are outstanding service Representatives. They are very customer oriented and listen to my service needs. They make every effort to schedule my appointments to meet my time frames. And, I can't say enough about your SRT Service Technician, Seth Whitten. He is an outstanding individual who truly cares about me as the customer and my Viper. Seth has serviced for 10 years the two Vipers I have owned. He has outstanding technical knowledge for this very exclusive super car. He cares for my car as if it were his own! I trust him exclusively with my current 2013 Viper. Seth, Robert and JR were instrumental in my decision to use the Avondale Service Department to service my Viper needs. And because of them I have highly recommended Avondale to other Viper owners. Five other Viper owner friends now use Seth, Robert and JR. "