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"We have been doing business with this dealership and its service department since 1997. Their service personnel have always been honest, efficient, capable and friendly. Prices are higher but dealership service departments usually are. They get the job done and have always kept our 2 Subarus in good running condition. "
"Since owning the vehicle I have received subpar service. This has happened multiple times at Garden City. The last visit in particular was especially bad. I made a trip to the dealership on 7/21 to address several issues. I was working with Tina (warranty manager at the time). She took pictures of the defects and sent them in to Chrysler. Unfortunately, when I received no update after a week, I called the dealership. They informed me she no longer worked there. Tom Bolger was the person who wrote up my work order and was my service advisor. He never updated me. Zero communication. When I called and asked the service receptionist who was in charge, they said they would have Diane call me back. I gave her my information. No one called back. I tried for several days to reach Diane and no one reached out to me. At that point I called SRT customer service (7/28). I have been actively working with the area manager and my SRT case managers to resolve the issues I am having with the car. The area manager instructed me that it’s best to take my vehicle to another dealership due to lack of service at Garden City. This dealership displays no sense of urgency and have very little professionalism. SRT case# 29794565. SRT management number # 855-778-8326."