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Portland Volvo

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David Arel

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"Our experience with this dealership has been all-round..."
reviewed on 01/31/2011 by djheffernan@roadrunner.com

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01/31/2011 David received a new review from djheffernan@roadrunner.com

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1 Reviews of David Arel

"Our experience with this dealership has been all-round..."


01/31/2011 03:34 PM

Reason For Visit: Service

I Recommend This Service Center: Yes

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Dave Ave, most recently, but absolutely everyone

David Arel

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My Review Of Portland Volvo:

Our experience with this dealership has been all-round superb. Purchasing our Volvo was a pleasant and reasonable process; the service has literally saved our lives. My wife was waiting for a heart transplant, when we received "the call" from Mass General Hospital that a match had been found for her. That began my frantic weekly commute between Boston, where my wife transitioned from the hospital to an apartment behind the hospital, and our home in Maine, for the three months of her transplantation and adjustment. On my first commute back home to Maine to be sure everything was ok with our house, warning signals appeared uncharacteristically in our faithful Volvo. The service guys checked me in immediately and turned our car around so fast that no time was lost. They sent me on my way back to Boston saying, "We'll worry about your car, Jack. Now you go worry about your wife." My wife is thriving four years later, and we have continued to receive the same consistently intelligent, loving care from Scarborough Volvo.

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Portland Volvo

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Manufacturers: Saab, Service Center, Volvo

Address: 9 US Route 1
Scarborough, ME 04074

Phone: (207) 883-5568

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