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"Paul McDade was wonderful and informative. The facility was very clean. This is a perfect place to go for all your auto needs. Timely repair job."
"I started using Klaben when I moved back to the Stow area in 2012. The service managers are friendly, upfront, easy to work with, and they don't talk to you like you're an idiot. They explain things in detail and, when necessary, work with you to figure out what must be dealt with now and what can wait a month or two. Their prices are always fair and they always stand behind their work, which means you can take your car home knowing you won't have to worry about what you had done. When I moved to Cleveland in 2015 I tried to find a maintenance shop I liked as much as Klaben, and I couldn't! Within six months, I was driving my car the 40 minutes south to have it worked on at a shop I trust with people I trust. While I did not buy this particular vehicle at Klaben (it was purchased in Pennsylvania), they have done an amazing job taking care of me and my car and I am quite certain that, when the time comes to pass, the next vehicle will definitely be purchased there. Thanks for being awesome, guys! "