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"The service was great they got me in and out in 1.5 Hrs. I drive from my electric wheelchair and they understood my concerns and did a great job getting me in and out quickly. "
"Sales experience was good when I bought my 2014 Chrysler 200 and I'm currently under 6K miles, 3 years later. All, I've been in for were the complimentary oil changes and the yearly inspections, but what I've noticed so far it the service department is slow and pricey and never a follow-up to check how things went and/or customer feedback. I had a yearly inspection at 5100 miles and I waited 90 minutes and was charged $42.30 and the car needed nothing. Not a thing, as expected. There's an open safety recall on my car now for 1 year and no fix from Chrysler yet. The 200 has been discontinued and perhaps Chrysler just hopes we all go away, just like the 200, although this could be a major safety issue for them if they don't find a fix soon. Several thousand 200'S are out there."