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old guy
"Even though the computers were down, you continue to provide great service! Your people are polite and friendly. This is a bit rare in our world."
Erin R.
2 days ago
"BEWARE!! DO NOT GO TO RICE TOYOTA!! Let me start out by saying that I have been a loyal customer of Rice Toyota for 10 years. I bought my current car there 10 years ago and have spent a lot of money over the years with general maintenance and such. That being said, about a month ago I took my car in for a routine oil change/tire rotation and discovered, after I left, that my car key had a crack down the middle and the back of the key fell off when trying to start the car. I went back to the service department immediately and showed them my key. I was very nice and calm and explained that my key was not broken when I brought it in earlier, so it had to have broken while here. The guy that helped me was very nice and went to talk to the technician that worked on my car to see what happened. To make a very long story short, the technician denied breaking my key and said it was fine when he had it. The guy helping me told me that he would order me a new key and have the service manager call me the next day, since it was Sunday. I thanked him and left thinking everything was fine and they were going to replace my key no charge. Boy was I wrong!!! First off, the service manager did not call me back the next day. In fact, he didn't call me at all. I had to call him 3 days later and demand to speak with him. When he did finally call me back he didn't apologize for the inconvenience or trouble this caused me. He didn't even ask me what happened or asked my side of the story. He was very rude and immediately started quoting me a price for the new key they had ordered, which was over $200. I interrupted him and told him that I wasn't paying for the key b/c they broke it while I was there getting my oil changed. He then proceeded to say that he talked to the technician, that worked on my car, and he said my key was already broken when he got it. Now if you remember, from my earlier statement, the technician said the key was not broken when he worked on my car. Now his story has changed and it was broken. Obviously someone is lying and it's not me!!!! The following week I called EVERY DAY asking to speak with Mary Rice, the GM, to complain about the treatment I received. To this day she has not returned ANY of my calls and I am left with a broken key that I have to pay over $200 to replace. I have never in my life received such poor service!!! I will obviously never go back to Rice Toyota and will make sure that none of my family members or friends do either. Mary Rice and her staff should be ashamed of their actions!!!! They obviously do not care about loyalty or customer service. All they had to do was replace my key, THAT THEY BROKE, and it would've been all good. Instead they have chosen to ignore me and all my calls and have lost a customer of many years over a stupid key. You be the judge!!!"