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Yamaha Service Center Reviews

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"Dylan Williams made my buying experience very easy and very pleasant young man. Great price with no haggling needed, Dylan was very knowledgeable of the product with advantages and disadvantages "
"Camping world doesn't care or in my experience doesn't have to care,. I went in for a simple request as I had tried to contact them by phone with no answering the service phone. While there , I wasn't helped even standing at the counter, they acted as if I wasn't even standing there. They were talking of there adventures of the weekend. Again the phone rang and nobody would answer it , finally the phone stopped ringing, no one responded. I stood in front of them for approx 5-10 min. And finally asked could someone help me with a service question and a service help. They seemed as if I was a bother to them. I won't recommend them for repairs or to call. This isn't the first time there, but the response has always been the same ( who cares). I don't care for Curtis trailers , but will use them next time."