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Asal Motors 46

Lodi, NJ

3 Lifetime Reviews Review Dealership
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188 US-46

Lodi, NJ



Latest Reviews

June 03, 2019

"Great Cars, Excellent Sales"

- phunkfx

I purchased a car from ASAL 46 last weekend, and they were great. The car is fully as described and perfect quality as described. Jonathan and Jimmy were great to me. They were able to work with me and maintain constant communication. I’m very pleased with my experience with ASAL 46, and wish them the best. I love the car I purchased from them. I wouldn’t think twice about working with them again. A++

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Employees Worked With

Jimmy Bashir
Other Employees : Jonathan

November 08, 2018

"Total Con Artists"

- Mo

"BEWARE" "BEWARE" "BEWARE" Total Con Artists.... I will give them minus 10 if that was an option. Don't fall for their low advertised prices because they only exist on the website. I called them two days ago inquiring about a used BMW 328i advertised for $16775 on their website and spoke to David and he confirmed the availability so I asked what would be your dealer charges on top of the advertised price and he said $395 and I got really excited as it sounded like a great deal for 2015 328i with $30k miles. Just to make sure that I didn't miss anything I called them again and spoke to someone else to confirm the price and that guy said he is not sure he will have David call me back, David called me back after couple of hours and I went through the pricing with him again and he confirmed only $395 documentation fees plus taxes and no other charges on top and tried to convince me to come for a test drive but I told him I live more then 100 miles away so can't make it today and will come tomorrow to pick up the car. All excited the following day me, my wife, my four year old and my brother drove more then 100 miles to pick up the car(my wife even took a day off from work). we went there and met with Philip who showed us the car and took a test ride, the car seemed all fine so we went inside their office to do the paper work and everything went sideways from their.... It turned out their is a dealership fees of $1500 + car comes with a low jack which is $795 + $395 documentation fees + some ppi inspection fees so altogether $16775 car cost turned out to be nearly $20k plus taxes. I couldn't believe it and told them about that is not what it was discussed with David so asked to speak to David and David turned around and said he told me there will be extra charges over the phone... Hang on I must be crazy to drive more then 100 miles and waste a whole day to go pick up the car then " unbelievable" and the best thing was he came up with all the calls are recorded BS so I told him that's good lets hear the recordings and he agreed and told me to wait and he will pull up the recordings and I got hopeful that the recordings will prove my point so waited another 15 minutes to find out that he actually doesn't have the access to the recordings and only his boss has access, I asked him to call his boss and then he started making excuses that his boss will not give him access, okay so can I speak to your boss then and the answer NO and I asked why and the answer "because He is my boss "which made me laugh and we left. I would really love to hear those recordings so David's boss, you should have my contact details so contact me if you are an honorable man. I WISH I HAVE SEEN THEIR ACTUAL REVIEWS ON YELP AND CARGURUS WHICH ACTUALLY ARE PRETTY MUCH SIMILAR TO MY EXPERIENCE. GOOGLE SHOULD TAKE DOWN THEIR WEBSITES FOR TOTAL UNFAIR PRACTICE

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Employees Worked With

David & Philip

September 02, 2018

"Great sales guy"

- Geronimo

The sales experience was awsome. Challenging credit but they got it done! Jean Pierre was the best and the inventory of cars was great. God bless

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Employees Worked With

Jean-Pierre Rumbea

Dealership Inventory (99 Vehicles)

used 2013 BMW X3 car, priced at $13,495

2013 BMW X3


used 2006 Dodge Charger car, priced at $10,988

2006 Dodge Charger


used 2007 MINI Cooper S car, priced at $7,788

2007 MINI Cooper S


used 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class car, priced at $17,995

2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class


used 2008 Volkswagen R32 car, priced at $12,588

2008 Volkswagen R32


used 2016 Jeep Cherokee car, priced at $12,495

2016 Jeep Cherokee