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Aston Martin Of New England Lotus Motorsports Inc.


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85 Linden St, Waltham, Massachusetts 02452 Directions
Sales: (781) 547-5959

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1 Review of Aston Martin Of New England Lotus Motorsports Inc.

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March 02, 2018

"Don't assume good service from a great car company"

- Very disappointed Aston buyer

Aston Martin makes some of the finest automobiles in the world. They are well-crafted, beautiful, fast-running machines. The problem is, is that you have to interface with an independent Aston Martin dealer, should you want to purchase one of these spectacular vehicles. Having purchased more cars than I can count over my lifetime, I was really taken aback by just how bad the customer service experience was at Aston Martin of New England. So bad so, that my bucket-list car (Vanquish) will likely never be purchased, and my dream of owning an Aston is now gone, unless I move to a different part of the country that is serviced by another dealer. To go into detail would require more time than you're willing to provide, but I'll simply say that the dealership acted in a way (numerous times) that provided perhaps one of the worst customer service experiences I have ever encountered. Instead of providing a level of service that is commensurate with the Aston brand, I felt like I was being hustled by the corner note lot, with streamers and flags fixed to the antenna, and a "BUY NOW AND SAVE" written on the windshield. It was about as unprofessional as one could experience. I highly recommend avoiding Aston Martin of New England, and suggest that if you are looking for a high-end performance car, that you think of Bentley, Maserati, Porsche or an AMG Mercedes. As beautiful as Astons are, you still have to work with the dealer, and the dealership experience makes a big difference when looking at vehicles costing upwards of $350,000. Shop elsewhere. The opinions in this post are solely mine, and I do not make any representations of particular facts or circumstances--this is only an assessment of my experience, and it was a very poor one indeed.

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