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Audi Memphis

Memphis, TN

9 Lifetime Reviews Review Dealership
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1825 Covington Pike

Memphis, TN



Latest Reviews

February 05, 2019

"Not responsive, Long wait, Non-functioning online scheduler"

- Nate773

Originally submitted an online service request for 20,000 mile check. I heard nothing for two weeks. Resubmitted another online request, heard nothing again, took a screenshot and emailed the GM. Heard nothing again, called and left VM for GM and Service Center. Finally got a returned call from the Service Center but they couldn't get my vehicle in for 3 weeks. That was somewhat understandable since there were several corrective issues with 2018 Q5's. However, in speaking with the Service Consultant, I was informed to not use the online scheduler and to call the Memphis Service Center. Get with the program, Audi is a luxury car and should have a functioning online service scheduler (Principle Toyota has one that works great for my wife's car). After all this, I received a call from the Service Center less than 48 hours before my appointment telling me they needed to reschedule due to being short-staffed. Fortunately, they were able to reschedule within a few days. Perhaps I've just had really bad luck with the dealership but it has been extremely frustrating to say the least. However, I'm inclined to think this is the norm with Audi Memphis - the Brand Specialist I'd originally interacted with never returned my email after we'd spoken on the phone and I emailed him the specs I was looking for in a 2018 Q5. A few days went by, and almost like what now seems like foreshadowing of my future interactions with this dealership, I heard nothing. After sending the same email to some other dealerships, I received several responses and had purchased my vehicle within two weeks.

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Employees Worked With

Chip Pleasant, John Turner, Luke Turk

December 09, 2018

"The Ole Bait and Switch"

- TheMRSTurner

When I went to test drive the new Q7 I fell in love with it. Although I was not a HUGE fan of the rims on that particular vehicle. I spoke with the salesman and was wanting to make a deal with them since it was the end of the month and figured that I could always change out the rims later if I wanted. Well I ended up speaking with the sales manager about numbers and such since I live a solid 1.5 hours away. So, I was closing a deal with another dealership to get my wife a new truck so I was on the road all day that Friday. I came to conclusion that the numbers were good so we verbalized the deal over the phone. I would arrive to close later that day or first thing the next morning. Fast forward to closing and I questioned the finance guy about the VIN number because well, I thought the one I drove had a different last 4 digits. I even asked the salesman Mark Blake about it and he said that the one I was purchasing was in fact the car I drove. Upon arriving home later that night I double checked the paperwork and sure enough I had been misled. The vehicle that I test drove was NOT the one I purchased. There were several upgrades on the other vehicle that were NOT on the one I drove away in. I wrote them an email that night and had made arrangements to go back up there but I have been severely sick and will call again monday to make arrangements. I suggest going here with the knowledge that you will need to double check and triple check all the vehicle info so this does not happen to you. I must say that Dustin (sales manager I believe) and Jordan (in finance) were great with service but the salesman needs to be educated on proper sales skills and vehicle info. I mean, I just spent $75000 on a car and felt that I was misled.

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Employees Worked With

Mark Blake, Dustin, Jordan

July 15, 2018

"Long wait"

- Vlnplaywr

It took a week and a half to actually get our new vehicle. The service manager did not notice that we were from out of town and had not made any provision to get our all weather floor mats (out of stock) to us Indeed we still have no idea how we will receive them.

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Employees Worked With

Sales manager

Dealership Inventory (98 Vehicles)

new 2020 Audi S8 car, priced at $134,345

2020 Audi S8


new 2020 Audi A4 car, priced at $39,845

2020 Audi A4


new 2020 Audi Q3 car, priced at $37,595

2020 Audi Q3


new 2020 Audi Q3 car, priced at $38,895

2020 Audi Q3


new 2020 Audi Q5 car, priced at $49,745

2020 Audi Q5


new 2020 Audi Q5 car, priced at $49,745

2020 Audi Q5