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53 South Main Street, Derry, New Hampshire 03038 Directions
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1 Review of Auto Mart

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January 25, 2013

"I have purchased and owned many cars but never ever have..."

- blokk

I have purchased and owned many cars but never ever have I been more taken advantage of than I was here. My 17 year old son has worked very hard to save his money to buy a nice diesel pickup. Having lived in town and passed this dealer many times, it seemed they always had newer used vehicles on the lot. My son and I stopped in, looked at several vehicles on the lot and was then told by Pete, the salesman that they had just the vehicle for us. They had a 2001 Duramax that hadn't even cleared their shop to be on the lot. We looked at it and took it for a ride. Everything seemed fine. Never having owned a diesel, I voiced my concern with diesels and stories of injector problems and the cost to fix them. I asked how to tell if there was a problem. He told me loss of power is an indictor and that this truck was strong, that there wasn't a problem. We purchased the truck. I should have known from the night we brought the truck home there was going to be problems. As my son backed into the driveway for the first time, both reverse lights didn't work. We called the next day and they said to bring it in and they would fix. He did that and they fixed it. Then the real problem started. Days after we bought the truck, the check engine light started coming on. Again, they seemed more than happy to help. My son brought it back in, fuel issue or so we thought. They asked where we got gas, (from a popular brand name station) They told us that could be the problem, that they were known for bad diesel. My son did what they said to do, continued to have problems, brought the truck back and eventually we were told they refused to fix the truck. We contacted someone and was told the error code that was generated had something to do with the injectors. They refused to fix the truck, refused to give us our money back and basically held us hostage. We had to pick a truck from the inventory they had on the lot. My son did select a truck, not a diesel. Although it seems to be a decent truck, it is not what he wanted but we had no choice. One of the owners, Jim was rude to my wife, not helpful and when my wife told him that we would never go back to them he said "good". I can't believe the indifference shown by this dealership and will tell everyone I know not to go there. It's unfortunate that they probably will either fix the vehicle my son wanted at cost and mark it up as to not take the loss or sell it to another unsuspecting buyer who won't put up the fuss that we did and be out the cost of repair which is substantial. I hope that person reads this before getting taken advantage of.

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