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BMW of Charlottesville


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1295 Richmond Rd, Charlottesville, Virginia 22911
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August 10, 2017

"Poor customer experience over misadvertising"


The dealership /website and customer service leaves much to be desired. I encountered 2 issues with my purchase at BMW of Charlottesville. Issue 1) I live in Midlothian and have a sister dealership blocks away , however when searching online for my next vehicle I found one that fit my needs at their Charlottesville location. I utilized the dealers own website chat option to verify car availability and specs, in order to not waste any time. I confirmed with the Chat responder that it was available and can be seen on the lot. I advised that I would be driving up to see it. I made the hour trip West to look at it , only to be dragged around the lot without finding the vehicle. After some research from the salesperson, it appears the car was not on the lot at all, or even in their possession yet. The vehicle was en route from New York and was not available after all. When I advised that I chatted with someone online, I was told they were AI (artificial intelligence and not real )left the dealership a little bewildered after the effort, so I called the dealership to speak with the Sales Manager. I was informed that it would be available by the following Tuesday after the service department certified it. I advised I would be back to test drive then....I eventually purchased the vehicle. Issue 2) The online advertisements on the dealerships website when searching for the vehicle listed the vehicle that I purchased and several others as having 1 year trial of Sirius radio included as part of the purchase. I confirmed this with my salesperson when purchasing. Flash forward 2 months, I am receiving daily calls from Sirius advising that my trial is actually up after 3 months. I look back on the website and the new listings for vehicles have different verbiage for how Sirius is handled. ( 3 month trial) and is handled through 3rd party. I contacted my salesperson , who acknowledged that he also remembers the ads stating 1 year , not just on my purchase but others and he would follow up. I waited 2 weeks and was advised they were having issues getting in contact with their Sirius Rep. I called back to follow up, and was told that it s only 3 months and nothing they could do about it. I was advised that the website makes mistakes and is a third party , sooooo i'm out of luck. I asked to have the sales manger call....when they did I had to rehash the story again and was again told they would follow up after some research. In the meantime I contacted their parent company (Asbury Automotive Group) and spoke with Marita and was advised it would be taken care of without issue. I received a call 30 minutes later from my salesperson ,stating that all they could do was have ,e purchase the remaining 9 months upfront from Sirius and then send them to receipt to reimburse the amount, or I could get $150 in service from the service department. There are 2 issues with this offering , one I have prepaid service and a warranty, so not an offer I could take advantage of and two I shouldn't have to come out of pocket for their mistake. I advised the salesperson that these options are unacceptable and to have the GSM call me so we can discuss. 2 days later I am still waiting for a follow up and a resolution. Very frustrated over something so simple to fix and the service ....in my opinion it seems like a classic bait and switch advertising practice....even with it being an "honest mistake by the website" /....they need to honor it. I truly expected ore from a BMW service perspective.

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Employees Worked With

Nick (salesperson), Sales manager,

December 23, 2015

"Great Service and Care from Dealership"

- Bruce L

If it were not for the exceptional communication and care I received from Adam Mobley, I probably would not be buying another BMW. Adam along with Mike Evans (general manager) went above and beyond communicating and assuring that I felt assured all was being done to address the problem. My X3 was in for issues from Nov. 24th to Dec. 18th. The support given to the service department by the engineering department was poor but Adam kept pushing until a fix was found. Thank you Adam. I was given a great loaner to use for the 3 plus weeks. If I were to rate the engineering support group it would be 1 star and I doubt I would buy another BMW. BMW USA should thank Adam and Mike for their great customer focus.

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Employees Worked With

Adam Mobley, Dave Evans

December 16, 2015

"Outstanding experience!"

- Woolio

As a small business owner, I know how critical customer service is to a guest's experience. My time at BMW of Charlottesville could not have been better. They were so knowledgable and helpful, and really bent over backwards to make my new 2016 x1 purchase an experience to remember. Special thanks to sales rep Gary, sales manager Greg and GM Mike for highlighting our holiday season. We are BMW people for life and the hard work of these dedicated professionals did nothing but strengthen that connection. Bravo!

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Employees Worked With

Gary, Greg, Mike

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BMW of Charlottesville, Charlottesville, VA, 22911