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Bighorn Motors Inc


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152 W 6th St, Glenwood Springs, Colorado 81601 Directions
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1 Review of Bighorn Motors Inc

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May 23, 2013

"My wife has a 1990 Toyota pickup that she loves dearly. ..."

- snoopelkyelk

My wife has a 1990 Toyota pickup that she loves dearly. We recently had a major service done at Bighorn Motors in glenwood springs, CO. After getting the vehicle back we drove home a few micellaneous errands before we left town for a week vacation. Upon our return my wife did one short trip and then called me to tell me that the truck would not run. I called the dealer and told them about the problem. As expected they said it could be any number of items that had nothing to do with the service they performed. I told them that the truck was not drivable and they said we could get it towed to them. We live 40 miles away from the dealer so I chose to invest in a mobile repair man to come and check things out. Iwas informed that it would take a lot of work to diagnose the problem and it was better to take it to the dealer in case it was related to their prior work. After contacting the dealer again - Don arranged for a tow and told me they would get to it as soon as possible. It turned out that it was a part that was part of the original service. Don took the time to explain to me what they found and the possible causes for the problem. When my wife picked up the vehicle they did not charge us for the fix or tow. They said we've been long time customers and the repair is something they would not normally do (don't even stock the parts because it's done so infrequently) but felt that since the vehicle was so old they should have reccommended it. Great service and best way to keep us coming back - we have 2 toyota pickups and are looking to buy another this year - definitely reccommend this dealer/service.

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