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CardinaleWay Mazda - Las Vegas


201 Lifetime Reviews

6950 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, Nevada 89117
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Top Reviewed Employees

Matt Haverkamp at CardinaleWay Mazda - Las Vegas

Matt Haverkamp

Service Advisor
Ramtin Rabbani-Arani at CardinaleWay Mazda - Las Vegas

Ramtin Rabbani-Arani

Internet Sales Consultant
Michael Manticoff at CardinaleWay Mazda - Las Vegas

Michael Manticoff

Sales Consultant
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Doug Schmitz at CardinaleWay Mazda - Las Vegas

Doug Schmitz

Service Advisor
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Latest Reviews

November 20, 2019

"BEWARE of internet listed price & dishonest 'mistakes' "

- Dimicco

I saw a car I liked and listed at a good price at CardinaleWay Mazda on several different used car websites. When I went to the CardinaleWay website, though, at the very bottom of the page in tiny writing was the detail: 'Plus government fees and taxes, $1,295.00 reconditioning fee, dealer installed equipment (Tint/Door Edge GRD $310.00, Nitrofil $195.00, Shadow Mark $395.00, Wheel Locks $95.00), any finance charges, any electronic filing and dealer document processing charge $599.50 and any emissions testing charge $48' Shop around with other dealers to see what their add on fees are, but you'll see this adds almost $2200 to the internet listed price. I found it very deceptive that on the non-CardinaleWay websites (CarGurus, TrueCar,, etc) that these 'extra' fees weren't included in the listed internet price, so I called the dealership to find out if they were part of the price or not. The internet sales rep, Jennifer, told me they were not part of the price (Mistake/Lie #1). I went to the dealership to look at 2 cars (a blue one and a red one), and Jennifer handed me off to a salesman. We looked at/drove the two cars. When I finished driving the blue car, I asked the sales rep, Mike, about the additional fees and explained that I talked w Jennifer and she said those fees at the bottom weren't always included in the price. He told me the price listed on the windshield of the car on the lot included those fees - fair enough. We walked inside so I could get a listing of the 'out the door' price of the blue car. After talking with Jennifer and his boss, Mike came back and said the price of the blue car was $1500 higher than the price I saw on the internet (Mistake/Lie #2). NEWS Flash, the price on YOUR website is the same price I was quoting! I'm POSITIVE, if I agreed on that price, they would've then added the $2200 to that price plus tax and title fee. Mike asked me if I could show him the price I saw on the internet for the blue car so I pulled it up and showed him.. I sent Mike the pic of the internet price so he took that price to his boss. Mike returned a few minutes later with a printed out quote for what I thought was the blue car (Mistake/Lie #3 - it was a manipulated quote for the red car that made the price look like the blue car). After some discussion, I said 'fine, I'll be back tomorrow with a bank check for the price of the car.' Mike said 'What would it take for us to sell you this car tonight?' I said we'd have to see if it can fit in our garage, so (Amazingly - this is why Mike gets points for his dedication to the sale), he said 'ok, let's take it to your house and see.' After we took it to the house and saw it would fit in the garage, I told Mike I'd have to get some $ off the car to do the deal tonight. He checked with his boss, but said 'no can do, that price is as low as we can go.' I said 'Thanks, then I'll see you tomorrow.' After I went inside, I looked closer at the printed quote and realized, the quote was for the red (less expensive) car and the numbers were changed to make it look like the price of the blue car (another mistake/lie). I texted Mike that the quote was for the wrong car and he was upset that Jennifer made a 'mistake' with the quote. I was pissed too. I texted Mike the only price and fees I would pay and later realized why you NEVER get forced into a sale (because the dealer is probably pulling one over on you). I highly doubt that the dealer will accept the price I want to pay, but even if they did, I wouldn't want to buy a car at CardinaleWay Mazda.....too many 'mistakes' and subtle pressure to buy 'right now.' Bottom line: ALWAYS sleep on it and if it feels good the next day, then do the deal (after you check every detail is correct). In this case, I couldn't accept as many 'mistakes' that were made trying to get me to accept a much higher price than was advertised on the dealer website (and multiple others). It seemed like Mike was playing 'good cop' and his boss/Jennifer were playing 'bad cop.' My experience at CardinaleWay Mazda is why car dealers get a bad rap.

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Employees Worked With

Jennifer, Mike C.

July 09, 2019

"Don't trust the price on the windshield!"

- O.R.

Beware, The price on the windshield, doesn't not mean the price of the car!!!! Went to the dealership to look at a VW which had big bold numbers on the windshield of $11, 850. Test drove the car then went in for the paperwork. The dealer then brought out a paper that he had written up and there was an additional $2,290.00 added to the price of the car. This was not for taxes, doc fees or registration, but for these items.$310 tint , $ 95 wheel locks, $395 shawdowmark, $1295 reconditioning. $2,290.00 all of which are already on the car that has the $11,850. price. This dealership deliberately misrepresented the cost of the car! I am going to report this to the BBB and every single place that I can. Beware consumers! Update: I was contacted by Mr Parry today, which did not go well. They are still not willing to honor the price instead made this excuse " An hourly employee made a mistake with the price on the car" while shifting from honoring the price to blaming an employee seems to make it all better, it does not! Resolving the issue is not blaming someone ie, an employee, my husband or myself. Update. The response from the dealer is absolutely ridiculous! The price was accurately displayed, however they will not honor it. And which quote was accurate? The first one or the second? If the dealer was responsible they would honor the price on the sticker! If I could add the photos of the car and the paperwork I would. I did on Yelp, and other sites.

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Employees Worked With

Other Employees : Tyler Parry

April 26, 2019

"Quick Lease end sale"

- SusyQ

Very professional, knowledgeable...always helpful. He was easy to talk to. He made our transaction fast and easy. I would definitely recommend him anytime. Great job!

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Employees Worked With

Napoleon Berciles, Isaac Reevus, Paulie Papadogiannis, David Schmidig

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