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Coda Motors LLC

Burr Ridge, IL

41 Lifetime Reviews Review Dealership
We are your new pre-owned car dealership in Burr Ridge, Illinois. We buy, sell, trade-in, and finance. We have a consignment program available. Warranties available on most vehicles. We have a combined experience of 60 plus years in the car business. Stop by and have a look at our changing inventory! We specialize in imports, but we will have a variety in our selection at all times
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60 Shore Dr

Burr Ridge, IL



Top Reviewed Employees

Nikki  Edelhauser at Coda Motors LLC

Nikki Edelhauser

Admin Asst
Joseph Naddaf at Coda Motors LLC

Joseph Naddaf

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Al Samen at Coda Motors LLC

Al Samen

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Carole Khochaba at Coda Motors LLC

Carole Khochaba

Front Desk
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Latest Reviews

July 18, 2020

"Dream Car delivered!"

- edbarnett

I was a bonafide Benz girl, however, I came to Coda Motors with an open mind. I test drove something I wasn't thrilled about and I think Joe could sense that. He then said he had a surprise for me and what came out was literally something I never considered before but turned out to be the perfect car for me! The showroom is fully loaded with cars that are GORGEOUS! The car I cruised out with was a beautiful 328i BMW (fully loaded), so I'm converted now to Beemers, and the entire experience was lovely. The entire staff was awesome and I highly recommend Coda Motors!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Joe!

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Employees Worked With

June 14, 2020

"Please read: TOTAL RIPPOFF I was lied to from the..."

- chris73

Please read: TOTAL RIPPOFF I was lied to from the beginning al said tires battery and shipping was included well i was charged for all of that plus a fee for used cars i over payed 3000 dollars the car was listed for 10250 on one site and 13500 on another site they charged me twice for shipping and sum fee he couldn't explain thats just the beginning I get the car here that al says is perfect it has a dent the front end wobbles the break lines are so rusted my mechanic says he's never seen anything like it that and the transmission is rusted 3000 plus the 3000 extra they charges me so I call just get the runaround Joseph who's the owner puts some B.s about he will handle it on my google review another lie been calling for 3 months im 6000 dollars in the hole on this car thats worth 10000 on a good day dont be stupid like me DO NOT DO BUSINESS WIT THESE PEOPLE the only way I can see that they have 4 stars is if there employees have rated them there a rippoff and weak lies cant even man up and answer the phone for a upset customer Christian M

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May 10, 2020

"BEWARE OF CODA MOTORS!WOW! Where do I begin. Let’s..."

- Gsmith5771

BEWARE OF CODA MOTORS! WOW! Where do I begin. Let’s start with two phrases I use. “Lip stick on the pig” and “Snake in the grass” which the pig is the car and the snake would be Joseph Naddaf owner of Coda Motors. So the nightmare begins with me seeing a white 2011 BMW 328xi for $8500 on Cargrus. I call Coda and speak with Joe about the car. With is charm and cute little accent he tells me the car is available and is a beautiful and absolutely flawless car. I want this car because the year, price, mileage and color is exactly what I’m looking for, so we make arrangements for me to come up from “CINCINNATI” (where I live) to look at and purchase the car, in “CHICAGO”, 5/1/2020 and I put $500 down to hold the car. I reiterate to Joe, “this is a 4.5 hr drive for me and I don’t feel like wasting my time, you’re positive this car is what you say it is” and he says “besides a rock chip or two in the hood the car is flawless”. So I’m sold, surly him knowing I’m coming from 4.5 hrs away he wouldn’t lie to me and we make arrangements for me to come up Monday 5/4/2020. So I prepare, I rent a car, put the car on my insurance to drive it home and withdraw the money needed, $8200 cash for the car. So Monday morning has arrived. I take off and make it to Coda by 12:30 pm their time. I go in, meet Nikki (secretary) Al (Co-owner) Christian (Joseph son) and of course Joseph Naddaf(owner). After meeting everyone Al tells me the car is at the mechanic because the battery died over the weekend and will be back at the shop shortly. My spidey senses go up, but xxxx does happen so I wait. Christian eventually leaves to get the car, probably a hour later, and returns shortly after and comes in excited to show me the car. I walk out to see it and as soon as I look at i know I’ve been screwed. I’m ill! From a far it’s the worst cover up paint job I’ve ever seen. At this point I know I’ve wasted my time and am not buying this car, but I’m here and going to let Joseph and his son entertain me with more of their lies. So Christian and I go for a ride. A/C takes 4 blocks to even start to get semi cold and never does, the car rides like it has no suspension and this kid won’t be quiet trying to sell me this car and make his father proud, but in reality sounds like a complete idiot. We return to the lot and the entire ride there’s these multiple warning lights that stay on. ABS, traction control, 4x4 and another light. I ask Joe about this and he says “they’re nothing, my mechanic said so, the car drove like nothing was wrong, right?” I obviously said that was something that couldn’t be overlooked and he pouted like a baby and said “well let me take it for a drive and see”. At this point I know he’s going to his mechanic to desperately try to get those lights off and sure enough he shows back up and says “I went to my mechanic and he said the transmission needs to be pulled to fix this, I can have this done and ship the car to you!” Big difference from his earlier statement. So now I pop the hood, oil everywhere! Gaskets leaking and the motor is a complete mess. Then I walk around the car, calipers and rotors look like they’ve sat in Lake Erie for two years then I get to the trunk. Now remember, I specifically asked Joe is there was any cosmetic damage to the car, scraps, keyed, etc and he said no. Across the truck it’s creased and with a can of spray paint, painted over. Now you notice rock chips in the hood, but not the entire truck lid damaged? I address Joe about this and he swears he didn’t see it. There’s no doubt in my mind he’s lying. At this point he’s in desperation mode and rambling and I just walk away, get back in the rental, sit with my head on the steering wheel blocking out all his bs. No apologies, nothing, just continuing to try to make the sell. I then calmly ask him to step away from the car and I leave thinking about my 10 hr wasted trip and day I could have spent with my family. On my way home I panic thinking about my $500. Call Nikki and she says she’ll get it refunded and it’ll take 2-5 business days. I’m obviously going to counter this wasted trip, but I’m going to wait to ensure I get my deposit back before I do. It’s obviously a crooked outfit. So two days later my deposit goes back to my credit card and I send Coda motors an offer to rectify, make the wrong a right, and show his intentions weren’t ill-will. I say I want a check for $333. $67 for the rental, $41 for the gas, and $225 for my time which is $25 hr for 10 hrs. Now remember, I took off from work (which I make more than $25 hr) Monday to get this car. That’s more the $225! The response I get is Coda will offer me a lifetime discount on any car that is for sale. Now to think at this point I would ever buy, refer, recommend anyone to Coda Motors is absurd. I respond back that the offer is insulting and either refund my time and out of pocket expenses with the a check or forget it and I would like conformation that evening. I obviously never heard back from anyone. Now for the public’s awareness I was going to give a review regardless whether he made things right, for what it’s worth. From my horrible experience I was hoping in the end I would have something nice to say about Coda Motors and Joseph, but I don’t. He has no remorse for his actions and lies and for the car I looked at, would assume all his cars are “lip stick on the pig” caliber. If you do buy from Coda look closely at the car. Pay no attention to his charm and cute little accent. He knows how to pull the wool over your eyes. Joseph is a used car salesmen and gives other used car salesmen a bad wrap. I will post this under every review site I can find to hopefully save someone else’s time and let them know who they are dealing with.

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Employees Worked With

Dealership Inventory (150 Vehicles)

used 2001 Toyota 4Runner car, priced at $5,990

2001 Toyota 4Runner


used 2011 Toyota Sienna car, priced at $11,740

2011 Toyota Sienna


used 2005 MINI Cooper car, priced at $6,380

2005 MINI Cooper


used 2000 Ford Mustang car, priced at $7,580

2000 Ford Mustang


used 2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac car, priced at $6,990

2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac


used 2011 Audi A4 car, priced at $8,990

2011 Audi A4


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