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3810 W Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, Florida 33614
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Top Reviewed Employees

Charles Corcoran, Sales & Leasing, Courtesy Hyundai Tampa

Charles Corcoran

Sales & Leasing
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Momenul Akhand, FINANCE, Courtesy Hyundai Tampa

Momenul Akhand

Employee Rating is a new feature allowing consumers to rate their experience with individual dealership employees.
Germaine Grey, Internet Manager, Courtesy Hyundai Tampa

Germaine Grey

Internet Manager
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Julian  Morales, Internet Director, Courtesy Hyundai Tampa

Julian Morales

Internet Director
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Latest Reviews

September 12, 2018

"2 cars "

- Matt Lenok 221

We had a great experience, we bought a Mitsubishi and sonata in and got a brand new Tuscon sel plus and a Elantra sel and we love the cars. Couldn’t ask for anything better... so far we have we have bought 4 cars from here over the past 4-5 years and couldn’t be happier

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Timo Fitzgerald
Employee Rating is a new feature allowing consumers to rate their experience with individual dealership employees.
Other Employees : Britney

September 04, 2018

"Don’t deal with Germaine"

- Shawn

After narrowing my choices down to a Hyundai and another manufacturer, I made my way to Courtesy Hyundai. Dealing with Germaine was nothing short of a miserable experience. Even after I made a purchase, Germaine called me to see what he can do to earn my business, after telling him I purchased a car, he hung up on me while I was in mid sentence. I don’t understand how a dealer can stay in business with folks like this working for them. Anyone reading this, DONT deal with Germaine at Courtesy Hyundai.

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Employees Worked With

Germaine Grey
Employee Rating is a new feature allowing consumers to rate their experience with individual dealership employees.

August 27, 2018

"Worst experience ever"

- rkenney188

I have never left a negative review about anything in my life before this company, but if I could save just 1 person from experiencing the unprofessionalism, uncaring and incompetence of this dealership, I would consider it worth it. We recently leased a vehicle from this dealership. The experience was so bad, from the beginning all the way to the end, it was unreal. It all started when the sales guy we were originally working with said that he had to finish up with someone else and that another guy would get us started. We assumed that this meant that he would return since the guy he stuck us with was brand new and obviously didn't know much. Unfortunately he never came back, and the new guy ended up taking the deal. He was a nice guy but most of the time he had no one training him or helping him out. It was just him and us and none of us knew much about prices, terms, state laws, random lease details and just information that we needed to know. Needless to say we were there a long time. Over 3 hours on both of our visits in attempt to get through this deal. Apparently one of the things that slowed down the process is because we were registering our vehicle in Michigan. When I first walked in I was told it wasn't a problem. What they should have said is that they just don't do it because it seemed no one really knew how to. Many problems were caused because of this and very little was ever done to correct the problems, including even simply returning voicemails or texts. We were also not informed of needed information when leasing a vehicle. First our payment that we were told was not accurate. We were not told that it was more to register the vehicle in MI or that the plate could take up to 60 days to get in the mail. Overall the dealership has just shown absolutely no concern, care or responsibility for the customer. However, most of our major problems were due to just one person, the finance guy Basaam. One of the final issues we had was when our plate was mailed to our past address after I specifically discussed with Bassam that we were moving out of that address and that we needed the plate and anything else mailed to our MI address. About 5 days before the expiration of my temporary tag the plate had still not arrived. I called the dealership many times over multiple days. I left voicemails that were never returned, talked to the operators who continued to tell me that the finance manager was finishing up with a customer and would return my call shortly. He never did. When I finally was able to get a hold of someone I found out that the plate was mailed to the Tampa address. When I finally talked to Bassam about it he told me that the plate would simply bounce back to the post office, and then to the dealership, and then they would mail it to me again when they received it. His response to the problem was one of complete uncaring and basically just a blow off. Obviously what he mentioned could take weeks and my temporary plate was up in a few days. Consequently I couldn't drive the vehicle for about a week due to my expired temporary plate and was forced to rent a car. I was eventually able to retrieve the plate back from the post office after many hours on the phone over multiple days. When we did finally obtain the plate, it was a Florida plate. I soon received a letter from the FL department of motor vehicles stating that they were suspending my drivers license and registration due to the MI insurance on my FL registered car. I called Bassam many times about this and left many voicemails over a period of weeks. He literally never answered any of my calls and never returned any of my voicemails. This is obviously unbelievable considering this was all due to his incompetence. I left a review on google and was responded to by the GM, Jose Fernandez. He stated to call him which is obviously just a standard auto response for complaints. I did call of course however, and left voicemails, but once again I never heard back. Truly amazing how this is actually a functional dealership. I've leased several vehicles from Ford and Mazda and the process was flawless and the customer service was fantastic. Its no wonder that when I checked their BBB rating, out of curiosity, those dealerships have an A+ rating, and this dealerships was not. I wish i would have checked beforehand. It would saved so many problems.

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